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Hiwatari-Shinji – Fire Walking at Akibasan Entsu-ji

Nov 27, 2014 By Bert Wishart

Winter in Japan can get a touch on the chilly side, can’t it. So, what’s the best way of warming...[ Click to read more ]

Dive on in – Public Swimming Pools in Tokyo

Nov 11, 2014 By Bert Wishart

Swimming is, it is often stated, perhaps the best form of exercise, and as a nation that takes its health...[ Click to read more ]

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Ebi Furai – Famous Nagoya Meibutsu

Oct 30, 2014 By Bert Wishart

When it comes to meibutsu, food associated with a particular region of Japan, Nagoya is probably best known for miso...[ Click to read more ]

Toy Shopping in Nagoya

Oct 28, 2014 By Bert Wishart

So November is here and, for the more prepared of you, that means its time to get the Christmas presents...[ Click to read more ]

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Using Kerosene Heaters in Japan

Oct 20, 2014 By

Outside of Tokyo and other urban areas, central heating is not really a thing in Japan.  High end properties will...[ Click to read more ]

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English language bookshops in Tokyo

Oct 14, 2014 By Bert Wishart

With the advent of e-readers and smartphones, getting your hands on English language literature in Japan isn’t the challenge it...[ Click to read more ]

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Japanese Fairy Tales You Can Read with Your Children

Oct 14, 2014 By Bert Wishart

If you have children there is perhaps nothing more rewarding than reading them bedtime stories. But let’s face it, there...[ Click to read more ]

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The Floating Mikoshi of Miya Festival

Sep 29, 2014 By Bert Wishart

  Miya Festival 2014 The Miya Festival is held annually on the third or fourth Sunday of October in Gamagori, Aichi...[ Click to read more ]

Nagoya Grampus, your new favourite soccer team!

Sep 26, 2014 By Bert Wishart

As a Brit the autumn season always brings with it a palpable excitement for me. Despite the oncoming of the colder...[ Click to read more ]

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Want to take part in a traditional Japanese festival?

Sep 26, 2014 By Bert Wishart

No matter where in Japan you go, there always seems to be some festival or another going on. They vary...[ Click to read more ]