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All Japan Gyoza Festival at Nagakute’s Moricoro Park

Aug 29, 2018 By Mark Guthrie

Much like ramen, gyoza is a dish with Chinese origins that the Japanese have taken to their hearts. Typically filled...[ Click to read more ]

Toyohashi Fire Festival: Things are about to go off!

Aug 29, 2018 By Mark Guthrie

While there are many, many fireworks festivals in Japan throughout the summer months, there are very few that match Toyohashi's...[ Click to read more ]

Bicycle Liability Insurance

Aug 28, 2018 By

There are two major cities in Japan that require bicycle riders to maintain liability insurance as a condition for riding...[ Click to read more ]

Do You Know Nags? Nagoya’s Hidden Gems

Aug 28, 2018 By Mark Guthrie

Whether you have been here for a few weeks or know the city like the back of your hand, Nagoya...[ Click to read more ]

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Ghibli Expo Hiroshima: From Nausicaä to Marnie

Aug 28, 2018 By Matt Mangham

It’s no secret that one of Japan’s chief exports is its popular culture, and the films of Studio Ghibli rank...[ Click to read more ]

Full Moon Tea Ceremony at Shukkei-en in Hiroshima

Aug 28, 2018 By Matt Mangham

Tsukimi, or Moon Viewing, is a Japanese tradition going back to the Heian period, when portions of the old Chinese...[ Click to read more ]

WoodEgg Okonomiyaki Museum Hiroshima

Aug 28, 2018 By Matt Mangham

I regularly meet people traveling through Hiroshima. And because my wife has suggested I be friendlier, I ask them what...[ Click to read more ]

Vietnamese Food in Nagoya

Aug 26, 2018 By Ray Proper

There are a fair number of places to eat Vietnamese food in Nagoya.  Being from Seattle I have torn the...[ Click to read more ]

English Language Comedy in Tokyo

Aug 24, 2018 By Mark Guthrie

Tokyo's thriving comedy scene offers a wide range of comedians performing around the city; in English! Below are a few...[ Click to read more ]

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Where to Go on a Date in Kobe

Aug 22, 2018 By Justin Hanus

Whether looking to entertain on the first date or to have a memorable Valentine's evening with a long-term partner, Kobe...[ Click to read more ]

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