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Breweries in Kumamoto

Jul 19, 2023 By Justin Hanus

One of the most thriving areas of Japan's Kyushu region, Kumamoto has a strong history of alcohol production. Not just...[ Click to read more ]

Foodie Paradise Weekend Trip to Kochi

Jul 19, 2023 By Chiara Terzuolo

After the humidity and endless heat of Tokyo summers, I always am very ready for the autumn season to arrive....[ Click to read more ]

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Sunny Maid Service

Jul 11, 2023 By Admin

Get the details on the Sunny Maid Service summer campaign for reliable housekeeping services! With high humidity in Japan during...[ Click to read more ]

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Aso-Kuju: Kumamoto’s Breathtaking Park

Jul 01, 2023 By William Farrow

For residents of Kyushu, the outdoors and nature are always nearby. A far cry from the large cities of Honshu,...[ Click to read more ]

Seeing Noh Theater in Kansai

Jun 28, 2023 By Justin Hanus

A combination of music, dance, and poetry, Noh theater dates back to the 14th century, making it the oldest dramatic...[ Click to read more ]

What You’ll Find at Shinkaichi Art Plaza in Kobe

Jun 28, 2023 By Justin Hanus

Kobe has long been an important place for pop culture in Japan. Shinkaichi Art Plaza provides a venue to nurture...[ Click to read more ]

Things to Do in the Fishing Town of Tomonoura

Jun 28, 2023 By Justin Hanus

Although it’s only a small fishing town, Tomonoura has plenty to offer visitors. An important port for centuries, it has...[ Click to read more ]

The Reborn Town of Hitoyoshi Kuma

Jun 28, 2023 By Justin Hanus

Since the 2020 Kyushu floods brought record-breaking heavy rains down on Kumamoto prefecture, the Council for Tourism Advancement in Hitoyoshi-Kuma...[ Click to read more ]

Skate Parks in Kansai

Jun 28, 2023 By Justin Hanus

Japan is experiencing something of a skateboarding wave since it showcased the sport during the recent Tokyo Olympics. Many purpose-built...[ Click to read more ]

Breweries in Hiroshima

Jun 28, 2023 By Justin Hanus

Fancy a tipple while learning a bit about how what you're consuming is made? Then head along to one of...[ Click to read more ]