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Our House! – We More Than Recommend These Restaurants in Nagoya

Dec 24, 2020 By Bert Wishart

Back in the day, when I was embarking on this writing game, I imposed three cardinal rules upon myself: 1....[ Click to read more ]

Finding Flexibility and Fluidity through Online Yoga

Dec 22, 2020 By Jason Gatewood

With 2020 having become "The Year Of Apart, Together", I’ve started a series on finding ways to keep your mental...[ Click to read more ]

Viewing the Magical Diamond Fuji from Tokyo

Dec 15, 2020 By Bert Wishart

Diamond Fuji is a twice annually phenomenon when the sunrise and sunset align perfectly with Mount Fuji’s summit, looking for...[ Click to read more ]

Toyoda’s Cheese Steaks Delivers a bit of Philly (and more) to Tokyo

Nov 30, 2020 By Jason Gatewood

Let me be up front— I am probably closer to being from Philadelphia, Mississippi than Philadelphia, Pennsylvania when it comes...[ Click to read more ]

Winter Wonderland on the Historical Nakasendo Trail

Nov 30, 2020 By Admin

The Nakasendo’s landscape changes with the season but it’s during winter that warmth of the locals is most noticeable. Before...[ Click to read more ]

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Winter Illumination in Tokyo 2020

Nov 26, 2020 By Jason Gatewood

Christmas Day in Japan is just another working day for the most part.  The most interesting facet of the Christmas...[ Click to read more ]

Nagoya’s Best Sweet Shops

Nov 25, 2020 By Bert Wishart

Japanese cuisine is mostly known for its raw fish and tempura, but I have a sneaky suspicion that, should you...[ Click to read more ]

Vietnamese Restaurants in Hiroshima

Nov 24, 2020 By Bert Wishart

That Japan has some of the world's finest cuisine, there can be absolutely no doubt, and it is rightly renowned...[ Click to read more ]

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A to Z of Japanese Musical Instruments

Nov 24, 2020 By Justin Hanus

Traditional Japanese music sounds quite different from Western music for a few reasons. For one thing, there’s less emphasis on...[ Click to read more ]

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Winter Illumination in Kansai 2020

Nov 19, 2020 By Justin Hanus

Don’t let the cold stop you from heading outside as there are beautiful displays of holiday lights throughout the Kansai...[ Click to read more ]