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Saiseikai Utsunomiya Hospital, Tochigi Prefecture, Utsunomiya

Jun 30, 2014 By Mark Guthrie

Please be aware that there may not be an English speaking member of staff available, so it is advisable to...[ Click to read more ]

Tachikawa Heart Clinic, Tokyo, Tachikawa

Jun 30, 2014 By Mark Guthrie

Tachikawa Heart Clinic - 立川ハートクリニック Branch of medicine:  Internal medicine, diabetes treatment Telephone:  042-523-3759 Address:  Kikuya Building (キクヤビル) 3F, 2-9-1...[ Click to read more ]

Maro Dental Clinic, Tokyo, Tachikawa

Jun 30, 2014 By Mark Guthrie

Maro Dental Clinic - まろ歯科クリニック Branch of Medicine:  Dentistry, pediatric dentistry, implants, oral surgery Telephone:  042-512-8241 Address:  2-3-1 Nishikicho, Tachikawa-shi,...[ Click to read more ]

Navitas Clinic Tachikawa, Tokyo, Tachikawa

Jun 30, 2014 By Mark Guthrie

 Navitas Clinic Tachikawa(ナビタスクリニック立川) Branch of medicine: Internal medicine, pediatrics, dermatology, gynecology, travel medicine, anemia Telephone:  Appointment Reception 042-521-5336; Main Line...[ Click to read more ]

Sekigahara – Japan’s Defining Samurai Battle

Jun 30, 2014 By Mark Guthrie

As you may or may not know, the Chubu area witnessed the scene of perhaps the most important and defining...[ Click to read more ]

What to do if You Lose Your Residence Card

Jun 27, 2014 By Mark Guthrie

When living in a foreign country, there are many exciting and wonderful things to see and do. However, not knowing...[ Click to read more ]

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Fishy Business – Yanagibashi Chuo Ichiba Fish Market in Nagoya

Jun 24, 2014 By Mark Guthrie

Ask a Japanese of which part of their culture they are most proud and nine times out of then they...[ Click to read more ]