Kobe Dining

Popular Kansai Street Food

Mar 27, 2023 By Justin Hanus

Japan isn’t quite as renowned for its street food culture as countries such as Thailand or Vietnam, but it’s been steadily growing in popularity. You can find kiosks selling warm...[ Click to read more ]

Seafood Market in Japan

Popular Seafood Markets and Ports in the Kansai Region

Dec 23, 2022 By Justin Hanus

Japan is well known for its seafood — in fact, seafood is a major part of its culture. To find the freshest dishes, your best option is to head to...[ Click to read more ]

Christmas in Kansai

Nov 29, 2022 By Justin Hanus

Not being a predominantly Christian country, Japan doesn’t celebrate Christmas with quite the same fervour as people in the US, Canada or Europe. For example, Christmas is not a public...[ Click to read more ]

Great Winter Food in Kansai

Nov 29, 2022 By Justin Hanus

Japan can get pretty chilly during the winter months. Fortunately, the country excels when it comes to hearty winter meals. As are regional variations, seasonal ingredients and dishes are very...[ Click to read more ]

Thanksgiving in Kansai

Oct 24, 2022 By Justin Hanus

As we approach the autumn season, citizens of many countries start planning for Thanksgiving towards the end of November. This includes Japan. However, Japanese Thanksgiving is slightly different. Rather than...[ Click to read more ]

Buy Fresh, Eat Healthy, Cook Simple – The Farmers’ Market in Kobe’s Tarumi Fishing Port

Mar 28, 2022 By Justin Hanus

Only about 20% of the land in Japan is suitable for growing crops. Even so, most of the country's population historically survived on subsistence farming. These days only a vanishing...[ Click to read more ]

Great Pubs in Kobe

Mar 24, 2022 By Justin Hanus

Kobe might not be quite as bustling as Osaka or Kyoto, but it has a vibrant evening culture with the centrally-located Sannomiya, in particular, featuring several venues worth visiting for...[ Click to read more ]

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Best Sweet Shops in Kobe

Jan 20, 2022 By Justin Hanus

When it comes to food, Kobe isn't just famous for beef. It has also gained a reputation as the "city of sweets," which is excellent news for those with a...[ Click to read more ]

Best BBQ Spots in Kobe

Jul 19, 2021 By Justin Hanus

Summer is here, which means the chance to head outside and eat in the open air. The BBQ may not be quite as popular in Japan as it is in...[ Click to read more ]

Harvest Time in Kansai

Sep 24, 2020 By Justin Hanus

Harvest time in autumn/fall is important across the world. Each region has different rituals associated with this time of year (September – November). In Japan, the autumn harvest is celebrated...[ Click to read more ]