Information Security Policy


We recognize that information assets we own constantly face a variety of threats, and we strive to satisfy customers through the thorough safekeeping of information assets.

We conduct our business activities striving to contribute to society.

To this end, we have established an information security policy to protect information assets we handle from acts of theft, falsification, destruction, leaking or unauthorized access, and will implement an information security management system based on the following policies.

  1. We have established an information security management system that takes into account JISQ 27001:2014, relevant laws and regulations, rules and requirements under customer contracts, which all our officers and staff comply with.  We also use PDCA cycles to continuously improve.
  2. Our information security management system covers all information assets relating to our business activities. We take the utmost care to manage deposited information received from customers to prevent leaks, etc.
  3. We periodically conduct education, training, and promotional activities about information security needed to perform business for all our staff with the aim of improving knowledge and awareness.
  4. Staff that breach our security policy are disciplined according to our employee disciplinary rules.
  5. We strive to prevent obstructions to the continuation of business activities by establishing responsibilities and procedures and measures to prevent security incidents, as well as steps for damage limitation if incidents do arise, among other steps to allow us to respond promptly and appropriately.
  6. We periodically conduct management reviews to examine ISMS implementation, and issue necessary instructions.

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  1. 当社はJISQ 27001:2014及び関連する法令、規制並びにお客様との契約上の要求事項を踏まえた情報セキュリティマネジメントシステムを確立し、役員をはじめ全スタッフがこれを順守します。 また、PDCAを実践し継続的改善を図ります。
  2.  当社の情報セキュリティマネジメントシステムは当社の事業活動に関わるすべての情報資産を対象とします。特にお客様からお預かりした預託情報については漏洩等の事象が発生しないように最大限に配慮した管理を行います。
  3. 当社は全スタッフに対し、業務遂行上必要となる情報セキュリティに関する教育、訓練、啓発活動を定期的に行い知識の向上と意識向上を図ります。
  4. 当社のセキュリティポリシーに違反したスタッフは社員賞罰規程に基づき処分を受けます。
  5. 当社は責任と手順を定めセキュリティインシデントに対する予防策と発生した場合の被害拡大防止策など適切な処置が速やかにとれるよう備え、事業活動の継続に障害が生じないように努めます。
  6. 当社は定期的にマネジメントレビューを行いISMSの実施状況を点検するとともに必要な指示を行います。

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