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The H&R Group offers a wide range of mobility-related services in Japan, including: relocation, real estate, serviced apartments, car and furniture leasing/rental and insurance and staffing support.

Japan Home Search

Japan Home Search offers real estate and apartment listings featuring the best properties available in Japan. Our services are tailored to deliver properties from Japan’s multi-listing real estate market that truly meet the needs of foreign residents.

Lease Japan

Lease Japan offers new and used cars for sale and lease, and car insurance, as well as a wide selection of home furnishings and appliances for rent or purchase. Get your car and home furnishings for exactly the amount of time you need with less cash up front.

Japan Home Search

Japan Home Search offers corporate housing solutions for any location in Japan. For short or long term stays, our serviced apartments require no complicated contracts, need to arrange furniture or set up utilities. We offer the comforts of home with the services of a hotel.

Relo Japan

Relo Japan helps businesses relocate employees to Japan. Our team of experienced, multi-lingual consultants offers the highest level of relocation support available. We go beyond what is expected and more importantly, we are your first friends in Japan.

Japan Driver's License

Complete support converting your foreign driver’s license to a Japanese driver’s license (required by law if you are in Japan longer than 12 months and choose to drive) provided as an optional service for our real estate, relocation, leasing and serviced apartment clients.

Staffing Japan

Staffing Japan provides staffing dispatch, staffing referral, and a wide range of human resources support services. We specialize in finding recently graduated foreign candidates for difficult to fill positions and helping to integrate them smoothly into Japanese organizations.

Relo Network Asia (Related Company)

Relo Network Asia provides professional and highly personal destination services throughout Asia Pacific. With operations in over 15 countries across Asia and more than 30 years of experience, it is the first choice for those who demand the highest level of personalized service.

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For urgent inquiries during business hours in Japan, please call us directly on one of the telephone numbers listed on the contact page.

Japan Info Swap

This H&R Group Blog was created to help communicate the information, knowledge, and expert advice of the H&R Group family of companies to our clients. Ensuring clients, and the community in Japan at large, access to a reliable source for all the tools needed to take full advantage of and fully enjoy the experience of relocating to, living and working in Japan.

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Free Destination Guides

The H&R Group's Relo Japan is proud to bring you our “Destination Guide”, series of ebooks that incorporate inside knowledge of Tokyo, Yokohama, Nagoya, Osaka, Kobe, and Hiroshima from the view of an expatriate. These invaluable resources have everything you need to know about living and working in Japan.