Japanese Food

Winter Food in Japan

Dec 27, 2023 By Michael Stigall

As an American, there are certain foods that I look forward to when things start getting chilly. Most of those foods, like a roasted turkey or pumpkin pie, are simply...[ Click to read more ]

Popular Kansai Street Food

Mar 27, 2023 By Justin Hanus

Japan isn’t quite as renowned for its street food culture as countries such as Thailand or Vietnam, but it’s been steadily growing in popularity. You can find kiosks selling warm...[ Click to read more ]

Seeking Nagoya’s Sushi

Mar 15, 2023 By Bert Wishart

Think 'Japanese food,' and your mind automatically goes to sushi, right? It is the food that typifies the nation and is the first thing most people want to eat when...[ Click to read more ]

Beginner’s Guide to Sushi

Mar 10, 2023 By Bert Wishart

Think of Japan, and you think of sushi. It's as simple as that. Or is it? Because there is a whole world of sushi that you quite probably don't know...[ Click to read more ]

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Making Gyudon at Home!

Mar 02, 2023 By Ray Proper

Live in Japan for any longer than about a day, and you will run smack into Yoshinoya or some other variety of gyudon, probably best described as simmered beef served...[ Click to read more ]

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Hiroshima’s Wonderful Oyster Huts and Bars

Dec 25, 2022 By Bert Wishart

For those of us who are used to the creature comforts of central heating, double-paned windows, and insulated buildings, winter in Japan – where none of these is the standard...[ Click to read more ]

Making Mochi – Fun for Kids and Big Kids Alike

Dec 23, 2022 By Bert Wishart

When I first heard about mochi, my heart went out to Japan's children. You see, where I'm from, sweets really are just that: sweet. And so, when I was told...[ Click to read more ]

Get Bowled Over by Nagoya’s Donburi

Oct 31, 2022 By Bert Wishart

Simplicity in itself, the donburi is the go-to dish for those who want a combination of filling food and flexibility. Though donburi literally means bowl, it generally refers to a...[ Click to read more ]

All up in Your Grill – Discover Nagoya’s Teppanyaki Restaurants

Mar 31, 2022 By Bert Wishart

Teppanyaki, the style of cooking famed for its extravagant chefs slicing and dicing meat on a griddle, is believed by many to be a classic Japanese cuisine, but in fact,...[ Click to read more ]


Some Pep(per) in Your Step: Spice in Hiroshima

Feb 24, 2022 By William Farrow

After being in Japan for a while, foreign residents often opine that the local food culture does not offer options that cause flop sweat three bites into the meal. So...[ Click to read more ]