Tokyo Dining

Hawaiian Food in Tokyo

May 31, 2024 By Michael Stigall

There are places one can go to in Japan where it will seem you’ve stepped through Doraemon’s Dokodemo Door and straight up landed in America’s 50th state, Hawaii. From hula...[ Click to read more ]

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Tokyo’s Best American BBQ

May 29, 2024 By Michael Stigall

In the United States, BBQ is cooking meat for long periods at low temperatures with smoke from a wood fire.  BBQ adds a distinctive smoky taste to the meat, and...[ Click to read more ]

Yoyogi Park – Where The World Comes to Tokyo

Apr 30, 2024 By Michael Stigall

Situated south of Shinjuku, north of Shibuya and just west of Harajuku, the expanse of lush greenery, rolling hills and clear ponds known as Yoyogi Park serves as an oasis...[ Click to read more ]

Winter Food in Japan

Dec 27, 2023 By Michael Stigall

As an American, there are certain foods that I look forward to when things start getting chilly. Most of those foods, like a roasted turkey or pumpkin pie, are simply...[ Click to read more ]

Tokyo’s Best Mexican Food

Sep 27, 2023 By Michael Stigall

Tokyo is the "World's Greatest Food City," and at last count, home to over 200 Michelin-starred restaurants. More than ramen, udon, and tonkatsu places, you can find whatever a human...[ Click to read more ]

Dessert Buffets in Tokyo

Aug 28, 2023 By Michael Stigall

If you’re the type that is all about putting cake before casserole and satisfying your sweet tooth to the point that would make your dentist’s hair stand on end, then...[ Click to read more ]

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Vegan Dining in Tokyo

Jun 27, 2023 By Michael Stigall

Choices for dining out in Tokyo are nearly limitless. You can eat your way around the world and dine on almost anything humans consider edible (even the most questionable) here...[ Click to read more ]

Tokyo’s Best Breakfast Spots

Jun 27, 2023 By Michael Stigall

It has been ten years since Japanese cuisine was added to UNESCO's intangible heritage list in 2013. This designation means that Japanese cuisine is something unique in the world, not...[ Click to read more ]

Midtown BBQ – Japan’s Best Barbecue Expands to Tokyo

May 30, 2023 By Michael Stigall

If you’re as mad about steaks and barbecue as we are here at Japan Info Swap, then you’ll already know Midtown BBQ pretty well, especially if you live in Nagoya...[ Click to read more ]

Chilling and Grilling In Tokyo

Apr 28, 2023 By Michael Stigall

It's almost time for grilling. Grilling in Japan isn't the same as back home, but it gets the job done. Just some good weather, a barbecue, and some lovely refreshments...[ Click to read more ]