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Furusato Matsuri Tokyo 2022

Dec 25, 2021 By Jason Gatewood

Like food? Silly question, right, of course you like food! If you are looking for the opportunity to sample dishes...[ Click to read more ]

Hatsumode in Tokyo – Shrines to Visit for New Years

Dec 24, 2021 By Bert Wishart

In Japan, celebrating New Year is all about 'firsts.' Perhaps the most important 'first' is the first trip to a...[ Click to read more ]

Visit UNESCO Sites Galore and More in Historical Shingu

Nov 30, 2021 By Bert Wishart

Some people travel around the world to visit UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Some people will never visit one in their...[ Click to read more ]

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Snow is Here, Get Your Gear: Ski and Snowboard Shops in Nagoya

Nov 30, 2021 By Bert Wishart

As an avid cyclist who rides daily for their commute, I tend to fear the winter months. Nothing does for...[ Click to read more ]

Gorging on Gifu Grub

Nov 30, 2021 By Bert Wishart

Aichi Prefecture - and Nagoya in particular - has some of the best of Japanese cuisine. From its miso katsu...[ Click to read more ]

Falling for Shukkeien Garden: Autumn in Hiroshima City

Nov 30, 2021 By Michael Stigall

If you haven’t been to Shukkeien Garden in central Hiroshima City, now is your best chance. Although beautiful in any...[ Click to read more ]

Hiroshima From a New Perspective: The Orizuru Tower

Nov 30, 2021 By Michael Stigall

Tokyo has Tokyo Tower and the popular Skytree, Osaka has the Umeda Sky Building but what about Hiroshima? Where can you...[ Click to read more ]

Daisho-In Temple: The Alternative to Itsukushima Shrine on Miyajima

Nov 29, 2021 By Michael Stigall

While it may not be as famous or frequently photographed as Itsukushima Shrine, Daisho-In Temple on Miyajima is just as...[ Click to read more ]

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Holiday Dining Options in Tokyo 2021

Nov 28, 2021 By Jason Gatewood

Tokyo IS good food.  In my opinion, the food in Tokyo is the best part of Tokyo!  You can get...[ Click to read more ]

American Style BBQ Restaurants in Tokyo

Nov 23, 2021 By Ray Proper

In the United States, BBQ is cooking meat for long periods at low temperatures with smoke from a wood fire. ...[ Click to read more ]