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Keio University Hospital, Tokyo

Aug 30, 2014 By Mark Guthrie

Keio University Hospital - 慶應義塾大学病院 Branch of Medicine: General hospital Telephone: 03-3353-1257 Address: 35 Shinanomachi, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 160-8582 Website: www.hosp.keio.ac.jp...[ Click to read more ]

Motoazabu Hills Dental Clinic, Tokyo

Aug 30, 2014 By Mark Guthrie

Motoazabu Hills Dental Clinic - 元麻布ヒルズデンタルクリニック Branch of Medicine: General dentistry, preventative dentistry, dental implants, dental surgery, orthodontics Telephone: 03-5730-3900...[ Click to read more ]

Royal Dental Roppongi, Tokyo

Aug 30, 2014 By Mark Guthrie

Royal Dental Roppongi - ロイヤル歯科 Branch of Medicine: General dentistry, teeth cleaning, whitening, ceramic crown Telephone: 03-3404-0819 Address: 4-10-11 Roppongi, Minato-ku,...[ Click to read more ]

Yoga Ladies Clinic, Tokyo

Aug 30, 2014 By Mark Guthrie

Yoga Ladies Clinic - 用賀レディースクリニック Branch of Medicine: OB/GYN Telephone:   03-5491-5137 Address: 3-8-11 Kamiyoga , Setagaya-ku, Tokyo Website: www.hisada.11yoga-lady.com Hours: Mondays...[ Click to read more ]

Theaters in Nagoya – Go See a Movie!

Aug 28, 2014 By

You hear some complaints about movie theaters in Japan, mostly about the price of a ticket.  It seems no matter...[ Click to read more ]

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How to Use Meitetsu Trains from Nagoya Station

Aug 28, 2014 By Mark Guthrie

There are many great reasons to live in Nagoya. One reason is that, being in the centre of the country...[ Click to read more ]

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Beaches around Nagoya

Aug 19, 2014 By Mark Guthrie

For many people, nothing says summer like a trip to the beach, and though Aichi isn’t necessarily famed for its...[ Click to read more ]

Genki Festival Super Yosakoi in Harajyuku Omotesando

Aug 14, 2014 By Ray Proper

The Yosakoi Festival began in the city of Kōchi, Japan, in 1954.  The first "Yosakoi Style" festival featured 21 teams...[ Click to read more ]

Tebasaki – Famous Nagoya Meibutsu

Aug 05, 2014 By First Admin

Famous foods for any given area in Japan are called meibutsu. Osaka meibutsu is okonomiyaki (as is Hiroshima's meibutsu, but they...[ Click to read more ]

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