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Hato’s Bar – Great BBQ in Tokyo!

Feb 09, 2018 By Jason Gatewood

A few years ago, my buddy says to me, "Hey let's go to this little barbecue place I know about...[ Click to read more ]

Getting Potty About Pottery in Seto

Feb 01, 2018 By Mark Guthrie

Today Aichi is thought of as the industrial hub of Japan, with many of the nation's top manufacturing companies based...[ Click to read more ]

Soldiering on at The Battlefields of Nagakute

Feb 01, 2018 By Mark Guthrie

Visit the grounds of one of Japan's most historic battles. When considering Japanese history, most people will think of two...[ Click to read more ]

More Apps to Get the Most Out of Tokyo

Jan 31, 2018 By Jason Gatewood

We’re back again to give you a few more good apps to try out on your smartphone or tablet to...[ Click to read more ]

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Japanese Public Libraries: What can a non-Japanese reader do?

Jan 29, 2018 By Jason Gatewood

One thing you’ll come to notice after awhile is the sheer amount of bookstores and reading materials there seem to...[ Click to read more ]

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Tokugawa Ieyasu, a Potted Biography of Aichi’s Great Shogun

Jan 29, 2018 By Mark Guthrie

Japan's history is one that is rich in character, deep in intrigue and littered with interesting characters. From the pre-history...[ Click to read more ]

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World Igloo Building Championship at Osorakan Snow Park

Jan 29, 2018 By Matt Mangham

Without a little advance planning, midwinter in Japan can seem bleak, especially in the city. Which is precisely why it...[ Click to read more ]

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Hiroshima Flea Markets

Jan 29, 2018 By Matt Mangham

Ah, flea markets, where you learn what you’re really made of. Do you walk out empty handed, or do you...[ Click to read more ]

Best Cafes to Work from in Central Tokyo

Jan 26, 2018 By Jason Gatewood

Here in Japan, the image of the hardworking, tie-and-collar, briefcase toting salaryman is still alive and well; my daily commute...[ Click to read more ]