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Public Sports Facilities in Tokyo

Aug 28, 2023 By Michael Stigall

Staying in shape in a big city like Tokyo can be a chore sometimes. I myself am a big fan...[ Click to read more ]

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Nagoya, It’s Sweet Enough – Uirō, Nagoya’s Tasty Dessert

Jul 31, 2023 By Bert Wishart

Nagoya meshi [cuisine] is known for its rambunctious flavors, typified Taiwan Ramen, ankake pasta, and by the red miso that...[ Click to read more ]

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Nagoya’s Sports Teams

Jul 31, 2023 By Bert Wishart

When you think of Japanese sports, there is a good chance that a martial art comes to mind. However, Japan...[ Click to read more ]

Nippon Domannaka Matsuri in Nagoya

Jul 31, 2023 By Ray Proper

The Nippon Domannaka Matsuri, commonly called Domatsuri, is the largest dance festival in the Nagoya/Chubu region and involves dancers from all over...[ Click to read more ]

Staying Safe in Extreme Heat

Jul 27, 2023 By Admin

As you may have noticed, we experience scorching temperatures here in Japan, and it is crucial to take precautions to...[ Click to read more ]

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The Tokyo Fire Museum

Jul 24, 2023 By Michael Stigall

Tokyo’s massive number of people and buildings packed into the smallest area imaginable has always left me with more than...[ Click to read more ]

Tokyo’s Railway Museum: See Japan’s Locomotive History

Jul 24, 2023 By Michael Stigall

A good many visitors to Japan have been known to utter out loud, “There sure are a lot of trains...[ Click to read more ]

Great Beaches in The Kanto Region

Jul 24, 2023 By Michael Stigall

As the summer heat rises, retiring to your air-conditioned room with your necktie fan on full blast is tempting. However,...[ Click to read more ]

Fascinating Towns Near Kyoto: Otsu, Uji, & Fushimi

Jul 24, 2023 By Justin Hanus

As the former capital of Japan, Kyoto is a huge city with plenty of things to see, but sometimes you...[ Click to read more ]

Boat Trips in Kansai

Jul 24, 2023 By Justin Hanus

With so many picturesque waterways spread across the region, Kansai is the perfect Japanese location for a boat trip. Whether...[ Click to read more ]