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Fun Activities for Kids in Kobe

Feb 18, 2021 By Justin Hanus

Did you move to Kobe with kids? Then you’ll be pleased to find a variety of children’s and family-friendly activities...[ Click to read more ]

Where to Camp in Kansai

Feb 18, 2021 By Justin Hanus

As the weather starts to warm up, what better way to make the most of the great outdoors than camping?...[ Click to read more ]

Kyo-yuzen Workshops in Kyoto

Feb 18, 2021 By Justin Hanus

Kyo-yuzen dates back to the Edo period when Miyazaki Yuzen (a fan painter from Kyoto) developed the dyeing technique to...[ Click to read more ]

Tokyo’s Best Burgers

Feb 13, 2021 By Bert Wishart

Japan is well known for having some of the world's finest cuisine, and living in the capital means that you...[ Click to read more ]

Get Cycling in Tokyo

Feb 12, 2021 By Bert Wishart

When living in and around a sprawling metropolis such as Tokyo, getting from A to B can mean that you...[ Click to read more ]

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Setsubun Festivals in Japan

Jan 29, 2021 By Jason Gatewood

Each year, on the third of February, harried fathers across Japan put on paper demon masks and are pelted with...[ Click to read more ]

Explore the Fantastic Cycling Routes of Hiroshima

Jan 29, 2021 By Bert Wishart

Surrounded by water and a paucity of mountains, you wouldn't necessarily pick Hiroshima for a world-class cycling destination. However, bicycle...[ Click to read more ]

Setsubun at Ryotei Kawabun, Nagoya’s Most Traditional Restaurant

Jan 29, 2021 By Bert Wishart

One of the most important dates in Japan's lunar calendar, every February 3, Setsubun marks the beginning of Spring. It...[ Click to read more ]

Plum Blossom Viewing in Tokyo – The Top Umemi Spots!

Jan 29, 2021 By Bert Wishart

While the cherry blossom is the flower that tends to dominate the imagination of Japanese botanic appreciation, it is perhaps...[ Click to read more ]

Hiroshima’s Most Important and Spectacular Shrines and Temples

Jan 29, 2021 By Bert Wishart

While it is perhaps Kyoto that is Japan's best-known city for shrines and temples, it doesn't mean that you have...[ Click to read more ]