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Nabe – Japan’s Hot Pot Cooking

Dec 10, 2015 By First Admin

There is nothing easier or more delicious in winter than a big clay pot brimming with natural ingredients. Nabe, or...[ Click to read more ]

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Aichi Children’s Center “Kids Town” at Expo Park in Nagakute

Dec 09, 2015 By Ray Proper

Aichi Children’s Center’s “Kids Town” is a wealth of things to do for cheap in Nagoya with kids! Envisioned as a...[ Click to read more ]

Getting to know you: Sakae, Nagoya

Nov 25, 2015 By Mark Guthrie

Sakae is essentially Nagoya's city center in everything but name and is one of the busiest parts of town. It is famous for...[ Click to read more ]

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Japanese Cooking Classes with Toyota International Association

Nov 23, 2015 By Ray Proper

Did you know that high quality green tea is produced in Toyota City? Learn all about Japanese green tea, from...[ Click to read more ]

JR Kanto Area Pass and Tokyo Wide Pass

Nov 17, 2015 By Mark Guthrie

   One of the great things about living in Japan is its frankly amazing public transport system. It is easy...[ Click to read more ]

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Japan Monkey Park, Inuyama

Nov 17, 2015 By Mark Guthrie

There are many great draws to the historic city of Inuyama in northern Aichi Prefecture, but none are perhaps so...[ Click to read more ]

How to Experience Kobe Without a Yen in Your Pocket

Nov 17, 2015 By Justin Hanus

The cosmopolitan port city of Kobe is one of Japan's biggest and busiest. Tucked into a nook between the Rokko...[ Click to read more ]

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Disconnect Your Car Battery Before Long Trips

Nov 08, 2015 By Ray Proper

The expat lifestyle in Japan often means long durations of time spent abroad, and away from your vehicle. Before you...[ Click to read more ]