Vietnamese Food in Nagoya

ByRay Proper
Aug 26, 2018

Vietnamese Food in Nagoya


There are a fair number of places to eat Vietnamese food in Nagoya.  Being from Seattle I have torn the place apart searching for the style of PHO that is so popular there, but it seems to be a US concoction.  It does come pretty close though, and you can get actual PHO here in Japan.  You will pay about 1000 yen for a bowl of it though; be prepared for that.   They also have that Vietnamese Coffee; if you have not tried it, I suggest you do.  Very tasty and highly caffeinated.

Annam Blue

As usual, my favorite spot is not “the best” place to go in Nagoya.  I prefer Annan Blue mostly because I am lazy and there is a restaurant near my apartment.  The food is good, and it is reasonably priced; expect to pay about 2500-3000 per person to eat there for dinner, and about 1000-2000 yen for lunch.   This is a chain, so you can pop into any one of their locations in Nagoya and expect to get mostly the same quality of Vietnamese food and service at each.

Shops are located in Sakae, Fukiage, and Kanayama

Annam Blue Website

Thu an

Having never been to Vietnam it is hard for me to comment on the authenticity of one restaurant over another, but “they” say that the most authentic Vietnamese food in Nagoya is here at Thu An, in Yagoto.   The chef who owns the shop has over 20 years of experience cooking Vietnamese food, and was once the “Vice Chef,” which sounds pretty important(!) at a five-star hotel in Ho Chi Minh City, and has prepared food for “world class” VIPs like the British Royal Family.  Granted, I bet the Royal rump has graced the stalls at McDonald’s too, but I am guessing in this case the boast is appropriate.

Thu An is located within 5 minutes’ walk of Yagoto station. – (Google Map)

Thu An Website

Other Restaurants

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