Specialty Gift and Souvenir Shops in Kobe

ByJustin Hanus
Aug 22, 2018

Specialty Gift and Souvenir Shops in Kobe

There’s always room in the luggage for a trinket or two to bring home or give to friends as souvenirs from your trip. Refrigerator magnets, keychains, t-shirts, and delicacies are the usual fare, and always there’s the name of the city or country engraved or stamped on these items. For those who have time to shop for unique and top quality souvenirs and gifts, you’d need a more detailed guide to the best finds.

Souvenirs and boxed sweets from Japan are to look out for from friends and family. There are that special presentation and feel of these gifts that make your heart skip a beat. There are different items that you could find in the country that will surely cater to the young and old alike especially since it’s the home of anime and the sweetest and most decadent fruits and pastries. If you happen to be in Kobe, here’s a quick rundown of the shops that you might want to visit for some awesome treats to take home.

Kobe Sanda Premium Outlets

If your loved ones are not into traditional Japanese souvenirs or treats, here’s a massive shopping complex where you can buy high end branded gifts. It’s pretty much similar to other outlet malls worldwide, but of course, the hint that you’re in Japan is a food court where you can slurp through a bowl of ramen or have a fill of the all-time favorite sushi. There’s WiFi and plenty of seats so you can relax after walking around.

Moriya Shop

Right on that busy corner near the Daimaru department store is a proverbial butcher shop that sells Japanese croquettes with a humongous following. You won’t get lost while locating this shop because there’s always a long line in front. Whether you’re curious or you love croquettes, when folks say it’s a must try then the long wait will be worth it.

Kitano Meister Garden

What better way to shop for gifts than to create gifts and souvenirs. You don’t have to worry about not having a clue of what to do because this shop has arts and crafts classes for all ages. It’s fun and educational, so you don’t just create your masterpiece, you get to learn how, too.

Kobe Tetsujin Sangokushi Gallery

You won’t be able to miss the 18-meter tall statue of Tetsujin 28 or Gigantor in the American adaptation as it’s close to the shop where you can buy limited offer merchandise that you might want to give to family and friends who’re fans of this robot. Another comic showcased here is the Sangokushi Kuan. Its based on a Chinese novel called the Romance of the Three Kingdoms. Nearby the Kobe Project Shop is the occasional farmer’s market with a wide selection of food and drinks and small music festivals.

Marineair Mart 1 & 2

Sometimes when you’re in town just for work, and you mostly spent your time in an office, you tend to check out souvenirs at the airport because it’s the only time you have unless you got to the airport close to boarding time. If you’re in Kobe and in that similar dilemma, you can check out these cluster of stores offering antique souvenirs, sweet treats, and different odds and ends. If you have a bit more time, visit the Kawasaki museum.

Tandey Found Tablet

Although it has a western flair, as Kobe is known for, their minimalistic style of clothing and other gift items give a Japanese vibe to it. It’s a shop that has a cozy, warm and relaxing feel so shopping around won’t make you feel all to hurried. You’ll be able to choose well and appropriately for your loved ones and yourself. It’s the sister store to Tandey, a handmade bag shop, and also sells organic items.

Voyageur 4th Store

Women who love costume jewelry will love this shop to bits. You can custom make your trinkets or purchase ready made ones to get ideas from if you have no clue how to put together one for yourself or your friends and family. Materials are 18 karat gold, titanium, brass, and resin. Their customer service is ready to help you with repairs or exchange of parts or metal allergies.


If you or you know someone who loves antique furniture, decor and personal effects, this is the store for you. Every piece that you see here is the owners’ preference so you’d expect them to be special and one of a kind. Japanese artists make the items so you know they’re not easy to find elsewhere and you get to bring home a piece of their culture, too.

There are a lot of cultures that are particular with bringing home gifts for friends and family members. No matter how small the present is, it speaks volumes because it means you remembered them even when you’re far away. It’s a tradition that embodies care, kindness, selflessness, and love that has survived through generations.

By Yukiko Goto Kobe [CC BY-SA 4.0 ], from Wikimedia Commons

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