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Dealing with Mosquitoes at Home in Japan

Jun 21, 2016 By Justin Hanus

It is summer. It is hot. It is wet and humid. And you are probably sharing your Japanese evenings with...[ Click to read more ]


Enjoy a Night Cruise Along Hiroshima Bay this Summer

Jun 21, 2016 By Justin Hanus

What better way to see the beauty of the Hiroshima Bay and surrounding islands than from the deck of a...[ Click to read more ]

Day Trips From Nagoya – Ise Shima

Jun 20, 2016 By Bert Wishart

Following the visiting of the G7 national heads of states,  Ise Shima has been in the news frequently as of...[ Click to read more ]

Ride the Tokyo Sky Duck Amphibious Tour Bus!

Jun 10, 2016 By Ray Proper

Back in Seattle we had "The Duck," an amphibious bus that took tourists on a sort of "surf and turf"...[ Click to read more ]

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The Kyoto Gion Festival – Biggest Festival in Japan

Jun 08, 2016 By Bert Wishart

Summertime in Japan is all about festivals, or matsuri, and one of the most popular summer festivals is Kyoto’s Gion festival, known in...[ Click to read more ]

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The Essential Gluten Free Guide to Japan

Jun 06, 2016 By

I found this article and thought, why reinvent the wheel?  The first couple of paragraphs, including the hand-dandy linked table...[ Click to read more ]

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Bicycling in Japan – Know the Laws

May 27, 2016 By Bert Wishart

The time has come again for commuters to abandon the stress and discomfort of the public transport system in favor of their trusty...[ Click to read more ]


Enjoy Akashi’s Okura Beach

May 26, 2016 By Justin Hanus

Though there really isn’t a bad time to visit the Seto Inland Sea’s coastline alongside Akashi, the summer season is...[ Click to read more ]

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Kyoto and Nara – The One-Time Capital Cities are Storehouses of Japanese Heritage

May 23, 2016 By Justin Hanus

It is quite possible that you may detect some good-natured, chest-puffing sparring between the denizens of Nara and Kyoto over...[ Click to read more ]