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English Speaking Hairdressers in Nagoya

Apr 25, 2018 By Admin

There is nothing worse than getting a bad haircut. The slightest miscommunication with your hairdresser, and you're stuck either looking foolish for a week or so, or hiding your bodged...[ Click to read more ]

Communicating at a Japanese Hair Salon: How to Get the Hairstyle You Want

Feb 17, 2018 By

The following is an excerpt from an excellent article on "communicating at a Japanese hair salon: how to get the hairstyle you want" from  Rather than trying to recreate with...[ Click to read more ]

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English Speaking Nail Salon in Nagoya

Feb 23, 2015 By

You can get your nails done in Japan too, in fact the "nail art" they do here is pretty impressive.   In general, the services are similar, but not exactly...[ Click to read more ]