Sports Facilities in Hiroshima

ByJustin Hanus
Sep 28, 2023

Sports Facilities in Hiroshima

If you’re a sports or keep fit enthusiast moving to the Hiroshima area, you’ll be pleased to hear there are plenty of sports facilities across the prefecture that provide a wide range of activities. Here are some of the best ones.

Hiroshima Prefectural Sports Center

Hiroshima’s largest sports facility. Located in the city’s central park, the center is also known as the Hiroshima Green Arena due to its lush green domed roof. Rebuilt to host the 1994 Asian Games, this multi-purpose venue boasts a 10,000-seat main arena plus a smaller arena, martial arts hall, swimming pool, archery field, and conference halls. This sports center hosts competitions in sports, including archery, judo, volleyball, basketball, and gymnastics. Other sports include tennis, table tennis and badminton. It’s available for public use, and groups can rent out the halls and equipment. You can also find activities such as dance classes and health checks taking place.


Hiroshima City Sports Association (HCSA)

HCSA is not a single venue. Instead, it is the name of the city of Hiroshima management organization for the area’s eight municipal ward sports centers: Naga, Higashi, Minami, Nishi, Asaminami, Asakita, Aki, and Saeki.

These centers are similar and usually have two halls (large and small), an indoor pool, and a gymnasium/training room. Some have additional facilities such as indoor swimming pools, outdoor tennis courts, or football courts. Sports on offer include basketball, volleyball, table tennis, and a range of martial arts. The Higashi Center also has Hiroshima Big Wave, a swimming pool that converts to an ice rink in the winter. Fees are mostly the same across the venues, usually no more than around 550 yen for a single-use adult ticket. You can also buy multi-use tickets that are valid across the locations.


Setouchi Golf Resort

Golf is another widely practiced sport in Japan, and there are golf courses across Hiroshima prefecture. Arguably, the most appealing is the Setouchi resort in Takehara City. Facing the Seto Inland Sea, this course is widely considered one of the most beautiful in Japan. The course is open daily and holds various events, such as lunch buffets, all year round. The standard cost for 18 holes is 7,400 yen.


Hiroshima YMCA Wellness Sports Center

This might be called a YMCA center, but its facilities and programs are available for all ages. In addition to the gym, sports hall, and heated swimming pool, you can also find a massage room, chiropractic facilities, and a dry sauna. The center offers a range of programs in activities such as football, gymnastics, swimming, basketball, martial arts, and ballet. There are also outdoor camps for children featuring activities such as snorkeling, mountain climbing, and canoeing.


Cue Sports Center

The main difference with this center, as hinted at in the name, is that it’s primarily a pool hall. The main hall has ten pool and billiards tables you can hire by the hour. There are also classes to hone your skills and regular tournaments if you fancy your chances. Other facilities on-site include a gym room with a treadmill and exercise bike.

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