Takayama Spring Festival

Apr 01, 2020 By Mark Guthrie

Located in Gifu Prefecture, and surrounded by some of Japan’s richest natural areas just below the famous Northern Alps, Takayama is somewhat isolated and distant.  This isolation allowed the city to develop its own distinct culture that combines that of nearby Edo (modern day Tokyo) and Kyoto’s into a new...[ Click to read more ]

Soul Food House in Azabujuban

Mar 28, 2020 By Admin

Soul Food House, located in Tokyo's Azabujuban neighborhood, about 3 minutes from Azabu Juban Station, is the real deal.  Mississippi and Georgia natives LaTonya and David Whitaker can cook, seriously well, so if you are looking for like home Southern, Creole, and Cajun food, or soul food; this is it....[ Click to read more ]

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Best Picnic Spots in Tokyo

By Jason Gatewood

With the weather becoming a lot nicer, many people are ready to get out and enjoy the warm weather, and having a picnic is an excellent and cheap way to get out into the city and enjoy it. I know a few places from small squares to riverside glens that...[ Click to read more ]

Get Cycling in Tokyo

Mar 27, 2020 By Mark Guthrie

When living in and around a sprawling metropolis such as Tokyo, getting from A to B can mean that you spend half of your day on trains, underground or on busses. Since the advent of smartphones, most of this time is gazing into a screen, meaning that you often miss...[ Click to read more ]

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Things Kansai Gave to the World

Mar 25, 2020 By Justin Hanus

A former economic and cultural capital of Japan, Kansai played an important part in global innovation that continues today. Here is a selection of what has originated in Kansai. Sake Japan's most famous alcoholic beverage, sake is a fermented rice drink that has many different varieties and can be found...[ Click to read more ]

Things to do While Practicing Social-Distancing

By Jason Gatewood

Thanks to the recent COVID-19 pandemic affecting much of the globe, pretty much every public health office recommends people minimize their exposure to the virus as much as possible; mainly by not gathering in public and keeping social calls to groups of 10 or fewer people. That is incredibly hard...[ Click to read more ]

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Who Were the Samurai?

By Justin Hanus

Everyone has heard of samurai, but a minority would be able to tell you who they were and what they did. The samurai has a long and interesting history in Japan. They were active from the 10th century until the 19th century and participated in all significant events of the...[ Click to read more ]

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Best Places to Eat Kaiseki in Kobe

By Justin Hanus

Kobe may be famous for its beef, but the city is a culinary center. While you’re in Kobe, you should consider having a kaiseki dining experience. What Is Kaiseki? Kaiseki is a traditional style of dinner in Japan consisting of multiple courses. Initially, you would only find these meals in...[ Click to read more ]

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Where to Find the Best Beers in Kansai

By Justin Hanus

Kansai is a well-known region of Japan for cuisine. What's not so widely known is that the area is also a hotbed for beer. One of the best known Japanese beers – Suntory – comes from Kansai, but there are many fine lesser-known brews that beer connoisseurs should know. Since...[ Click to read more ]

Top Hanami Sites near Hiroshima

By Admin

Hanami is what the Japanese call "flower viewing,"  especially cherry blossoms (桜 sakura) with friends and family. In modern practice, hanami is enjoyed, especially by the younger generations of Japan, with copious amounts of food and drink. The practice is so popular that finding and securing a good spot in...[ Click to read more ]