Getting to Know Nagoya

Do You Know Nags? – Uncovering Nagoya’s Hidden Gems – Part 7

Jun 28, 2024 By Bert Wishart

Whether you’re new in the city or are a Showa Gaijin, Nagoya is a city that always surprises. New restaurants, shops, and drinking establishments spring up all the time, and...[ Click to read more ]

Nagoya is not boring! Discover Nagoya’s Best Tour Company

Dec 27, 2021 By Bert Wishart

Known primarily for its manufacturing, its central location, and its busy transport hub, Nagoya has a rep for being a place you only go to get to somewhere else. But...[ Click to read more ]

Do You Know Nags? Nagoya’s Hidden Gems – Part 5

Oct 28, 2021 By Bert Wishart

Whether you're fresh in town or are a piece of the local furniture, Nagoya is a city that continuously throws up surprises. New restaurants, shops, and bars spring up all...[ Click to read more ]

Getting To Know You – Nagoya Station Area of Meieki

Oct 29, 2019 By Bert Wishart

For years, though the city center in name, the area around Nagoya Station was considered to a poor relation to the shopping district of Sakae. However, over the past decade...[ Click to read more ]