Nagoya is not boring! Discover Nagoya’s Best Tour Company

ByBert Wishart
Dec 27, 2021

Nagoya is not boring! Discover Nagoya’s Best Tour Company

Known primarily for its manufacturing, its central location, and its busy transport hub, Nagoya has a rep for being a place you only go to get to somewhere else. But steeped in history, with a distinctive cuisine and some stunning areas of natural beauty, I’m here to tell you: Nagoya is bloody ace!

Fortunately, it’s not just me flying the Nagoya flag. Elly Llopis and Lena Yamaguchi, too, are very much torchbearers of the opinion that Nagoya – and Aichi as well – is a great place to both live and visit.

Having fallen in love with Japan and its design aesthetic, Elly learned Japanese and moved from her native Mallorca, Spain, to Nagoya in 2007, working as a web designer. Becoming besotted with the much-maligned city, she felt a missionary-like zeal to change hearts and minds, and in 2017 began blogging on her website,

At around that time, Lena from Germany, who fell for Japan when 18, worked in Tokyo as an IT consultant. However, discovering that it was not her cup of tea, she settled in Aichi, her husband’s home prefecture. Like Elly, she fell in love with the local food and set up a website of her own,, to spread the good word. Then, one lucky day, the pair met. Enthused by a shared passion for Nagoya but confounded as to why so few people felt likewise, they joined evangelistic forces.

“When I talk to my parents-in-law about their hometown, they are baffled as to why anyone would want to visit,” explains Lena. “Then I ask them, have you been here, or there, or there, and they just shrug ‘no.'”

“Aichi locals tend to look outside rather than to their own surroundings,” adds Elly. “They look at the instabae [instagrammable] spots like Hokkaido and Okinawa, and they miss the amazing things that are so close to them,” adds Elly. “We wanted to correct this, to make people realize that Nagoya is not boring!”

Targeted initially towards international tourists, Nagoya is not boring; the company they formed was set to go… in April 2020. Then, ‘Rona-chan spread her pandemic and kicked that idea into touch, somewhat. Undaunted; however, they are still fighting the good fight, focusing on domestic tourism and promoting local hotspots, making them the best people to show you around this beautiful city of ours.

So, are you keen on seeing more of Nagoya, the hidden gems, tasting some of the best food the area has to offer? Get on over to There you will find some absolutely amazing tours that will uncover many of the delights this wonderful city!

Specialties of Nagoya Food Tour

First-time in Nagoya and no idea about must-visit sites and must-try foods? Forget Trip Advisor and instead let locally renowned foodie Lena introduce some of the most delicious dishes the local cuisine has to offer while giving you countless invaluable recommendations as you navigate Nagoya’s hotspots together.

For more info, click here.

Nagoya Sake Tasting Night Tour

If you are looking for a great time at night, you need to book the Nagoya Sake Tasting Night Tour! Certified Sake Professional (CSP) Elly will take you to three local izakaya bars no tourist could discover – let alone venture into – on their own, where you will be introduced to the world of Japanese sake and local food.

For more info, click here.

Nagoya Kimono Old Town Walking Tour

Discover Nagoya in a different way: by dressing in an elegant kimono and exploring the old towns. Lena will take you to the scenic merchants’ quarter of Shikemichi and the historic shopping arcade of Endoji, both of which make perfect backdrops for photo sessions in your traditional outfit.

Also included in the tour is a Soba lunch at a local restaurant, an experience where you can decorate your own paper lantern and enjoy a delicious matcha and sweet set.

For more info, click here.

Ikebana Lesson and Arimatsu Town Visit

If you are interested in Nagoya’s traditional arts and its culture, then a flower arrangement experience followed by a walk around the old town of Arimatsu is the perfect weekend activity! Certified ikebana [flower arrangement] instructor Kayoko will show you the basics of this centuries-old art form and guide you through the moribana style of ikebana in a traditional Japanese home.

Afterward, Kayoko will lead you through the enchanting streets of Arimatsu, once a postal stop on the Tokaido road and to this day renowned for its exquisite ‘shibori’ kimono and clothing.

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They even have online tours that you can enjoy absolutely anywhere.

Nagoya’s Breakfast: Ogura Toast Online Experience

Learn about Nagoya’s favorite breakfast: Ogura toast. Please make your own in the comfort of your home and enjoy it with your favorite coffee (or tea).

While munching on this sweet breakfast treat, Lena will take you on a fascinating deep dive into the breakfast culture of Nagoya, the city itself, and its food, all from the comfort of your own home.

For more info, click here.

Online “Table Style Sado” Tea Ceremony Experience

What says Japanese culture more than ‘sado,’ the way of tea? Forget your Twinning’s green tea, and instead join a modern variation of the traditional “Table Style Sado” ceremony.

Host Mihoko will introduce you to tea culture with easy-to-understand explanations and fun little facts. This online experience is a great way to bring a bit of Japan into your daily life!

For more info, click here.

You can check out everything the Nagoya is not boring folks have to offer at in English or in Japanese at

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