Onomichi – Temples, Ramen and Cats Galore at Hiroshima’s Seaside Jewel

Aug 31, 2020 By Mark Guthrie

Flanked to the north by steep hillsides and to the south by the rolling Seto Inland Sea, the city of Onomichi is quaint, picturesque and full of history. It makes for a beautiful day trip without even leaving Hiroshima Prefecture. Thanks to a charming refusal to regenerate and modernize, the...[ Click to read more ]

Getting to Know You: Nagoya’s Global Gate and Sasashima

Aug 24, 2020 By Mark Guthrie

Nagoya has blown up in recent years. This expansion is no more evident than in the areas around Nagoya Station, where it seems like everywhere you look, a new skyscraper is springing up. There is, however, perhaps no area more improved or better renovated than Sasashima. Though its name conjures...[ Click to read more ]

Great Literature Set in Kansai

Aug 20, 2020 By Justin Hanus

Japan has a rich history when it comes to literature, both in terms of producing great writers and being the inspirational setting for some excellent works of fiction. Although Tokyo has been the dominant Japanese location when it comes to literature and storytelling, Kansai has provided a vivid backdrop for...[ Click to read more ]

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Practicing Shibori in Kyoto

Jun 17, 2020 By Justin Hanus

Although most people associate tie-dye with 60s hippie fashion, it’s also a traditional art in Japan. However, shibori is quite different from Western tie-dye. For one thing, pieces are often far more detailed. For another, it has a much longer history. Shibori dates back to at least the 8th century,...[ Click to read more ]

Nagoya Goes Pop – Finding Nagoya in Popular Culture

Jun 10, 2020 By Mark Guthrie

Judging by any popular culture you may come across, you could be fooled into thinking that Japan is separated into two camps: the sprawling, futuristic metropolis of Tokyo, and the nondescript, unnamed countryside of the samurai. However, you may be surprised to discover that Aichi Prefecture (as well as neighboring...[ Click to read more ]

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Museums in Kansai Offering Virtual Tours

May 22, 2020 By Justin Hanus

It’s frustrating to know that there are numerous things to see outside when you’re stuck indoors. The good news is you can now visit multiple museums throughout Kansai without leaving your home by taking a free virtual tour. Kobe City Museum Discover archaeological artifacts, artwork, historic documents, and maps all...[ Click to read more ]

Great Music from Kansai

By Justin Hanus

Kansai has been responsible for some great music over the years with everything from rock to electronic music to northern soul having its own distinct scene. Osaka in particular has rivaled Tokyo when it comes to producing globally influential acts. Here is a selection of some of the most successful...[ Click to read more ]

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Staying entertained while #stayinghome in Tokyo

Apr 30, 2020 By Jason Gatewood

Every 2 or 3 months in this space, I write a piece introducing a community in Greater Tokyo and encourage readers to take a trip to check it out themselves. Perhaps the most challenging thing about the novel coronavirus pandemic is my missing these attractions. Since none of us can...[ Click to read more ]

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Things to do in Tokyo during Rainy Season

Apr 26, 2020 By Jason Gatewood

We’ve braved yet another cold winter, sat out under the pink trees during hanami season, and seen it warm up steadily with our minds starting to look towards the barbecues, beach trips, and bon ordori festivals of summer. But we have to get through three or so weeks of dreary,...[ Click to read more ]

Classic Anime that You Should Know

Feb 26, 2020 By Mark Guthrie

If from a western country with little connection or interest in Japanese popular culture, there is a good chance that the world of anime (the catchall term for Japanese moving animation series and movies) not only baffles you but completely loses you. If that is the case, then you are...[ Click to read more ]

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