Five Japanese Authors You Should Read

Jun 13, 2019 By Mark Guthrie

From the stories of twelfth century court life in the world's oldest novel, Murasaki Shikibu's Tale of Genji, to the epic tales of Nobel-Laureate-in-waiting Hideo Furukawa, Japan has a rich history of spellbinding writing. To get you started on your journey into Japanese literature, below are five authors that should...[ Click to read more ]

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The Unko Museum is anything but crappy

May 29, 2019 By Jason Gatewood

We knew it was bound to happen eventually; Japan is home to the first restroom-themed restaurant, our toilet technology is talked about and adored far and wide, and we even invented this 💩 emoji. So, of course, Japan should be the first to have a museum dedicated to all things...[ Click to read more ]

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The Kawaii Rejection of Society

May 23, 2019 By Mark Guthrie

Japan is in the grips of a cult. But this is no religious extremism or political fanaticism. This cult is pink, it's fluffy, and its ringleader is a cat with no mouth. I am, of course talking about 'kawaii,' the cult of cute that inspires so much of Japanese society....[ Click to read more ]

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How Shodo Lessons Will Teach You More Than Calligraphy

May 22, 2019 By Justin Hanus

On the surface, it may seem that shodo is simply a form of Japanese writing. Actually, it is much more than that. The most well-known form of fine art in the country, children begin learning shodo at elementary school. It is also one of the most popular extra-curricular activities. What...[ Click to read more ]

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Roppongi Art Night 2019

Apr 24, 2019 By Jason Gatewood

By day, it’s known for being the home to many Japanese and foreign companies, embassies and organizations. By night, it’s home to some of Tokyo’s hottest nightclubs and after-hours spots. Of course, we’re talking about Roppongi, the district situated roughly halfway between Shibuya and Shinbashi in Minato Ward. But every...[ Click to read more ]

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Yasuke: From Mozambique to Slave to Samurai

Apr 16, 2019 By Mark Guthrie

Whether it is on the subway, in a restaurant or just walking down the street, most foreigners in Japan know what it's like to be stared at and pointed out as different. There is generally nothing evil in it, and more often than not it is brought about by simple...[ Click to read more ]

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Kyoto International Manga Museum

Apr 15, 2019 By Justin Hanus

There’s no better place in the country for fans of manga than the Kyoto International Manga Museum. Visitors have the chance to browse a massive collection of manga that spans three floors, visit exhibitions, and read manga on the museum lawn (weather permitting). The building was formerly an elementary school,...[ Click to read more ]

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Hiroshima Concert Venues

Mar 26, 2019 By Matt Mangham

Several times a year, someone will say to me that they miss live music. And while they may really mean a favorite band or venue back home, if you love live music there’s no need to go without, even in a city as relatively compact as Hiroshima. Concerts can be...[ Click to read more ]

Art Museums around Hiroshima

By Matt Mangham

I wrote elsewhere this month about where to look for live music in Hiroshima. Now let’s talk a little about the visual arts. Again, if you count galleries and exhibitions in coffee shops and other venues, the possibilities immediately expand to fill more time than you probably have. For the...[ Click to read more ]

TeamLab’s Digitized Hiroshima Castle

Feb 23, 2019 By Matt Mangham

teamLab (and yes, that’s the way it’s capitalized) is an artist’s collective based in Tokyo that bills itself as taking an “ultra-technological” approach to its work. The group was founded in 2001 by Toshiyuki Inoko, a University of Tokyo engineering student. Today the group has grown to over 400 members,...[ Click to read more ]