Luxurious Getaways Right Here in Aichi

ByBert Wishart
Jun 28, 2024

Luxurious Getaways Right Here in Aichi

So, the summer is upon us, which means it’s traditionally the time to take a break and get away for a while. However, that’s not always possible. It could be that the weak yen is hurting your chances of going abroad, perhaps you’re too busy with work to make a long trip, or maybe you are one of the lucky ones who aren’t paid in yen, and right now you’d be mad to go anywhere when everything is so cheap (and if you are in the latter group, how I envy you!)

Whatever your situation is, you don’t necessarily have to abort your summer gettaway plans, because why not simply stay somewhere closer to home? All around Aichi there are beautiful and exclusive hotels and resorts at which you can be pampered, have  a luxurious time, and be home again quicker than you can blink. Here are just a few options to get you thinking.

The Tower Hotel

TV Tower is one of Nagoya’s most prominent landmarks, and as such, The Tower Hotel is perhaps the most Nagoyan place it is possible to stay (at the time of publication, no one has been residing in the Castle for more than 80 years). Each exclusive room, overlooking the city, is adorned with artworks made by local artists, while the restaurant serves upon Tokai region pottery created by regional craftsmen French cuisine conjured from locally-sourced produce. The Tower Hotel prides itself on its luxury set amongst the central city glamour.

Where: Nagoya, Naka Ward, Nishiki, 3 Chome−6−15 (map)


Located in the traditional port town of Tahara on the Atsumi Peninsula, Kakujoro was established in 1925 and blends its old-world charms with modern luxuries, while priding itself on its welcoming, family atmosphere.

The rooms are all spacious, over 70 square meters, and those in the newer buildings all have private outdoor spa baths. The cuisine on offer consists of freshly caught, locally-sourced seafood of the season, including tigerfish, blowfish, and rock oysters. Meat eaters will be happy to find local Atsumi pork also on the menu.

Where: Tahara, Fukuecho, Shimoji−3 8 (map)

TIAD, Autograph Collection

A common problem in Japanese hotels – particularly of the business variety – is that there is barely enough space to open your suitcase, let alone properly stretch out. Despite being in the heart of Sakae, with rooms of over 50 square meters, filled with plush, luxurious interiors, this is not a problem at TIAD Autograph Collection. Blending traditional Japanese aesthetics with modern sophistication, take your pick from one of their hotel suites or unique Japanese rooms with tatami flooring. In their all-day dining restaurant, you can enjoy local cuisine, or indulge in specialty cocktails in the Lobby Lounge. As well as the indoor infinity pool and gym, there is also a hot spring bath and in-room spa for relaxation, while the bar overlooking Hisaya Odori Park is an ideal place to unwind.

Where: 5 Chome-15-19 Sakae, Nagoya  (map)

Akariya Geihanro

Founded in 1918 and a popular haunt for writers down the ages, this small, luxury ryokan in Inuyama has an outdoor spa in each Japanese-western style room so well contained that you may never even see another guest, even when fully booked. The rooms are spacious and even have a DVD, Blu-ray, and CD players so that you can bring your entertainment for after the tub. Oh, and you may as well indulge in the complimentary minibar while you’re at it. The best rooms have a view overlooking the Kiso River, meaning that during the ‘ukai‘ season, you can watch local fishermen catch ayu using cormorants.

Where: Kitakoken-41-6 Inuyama (map)

Image by via [CC BY NC ND 2.0]

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