Spice up Your Life with Nagoya’s Thai Restaurants

May 31, 2024 By Bert Wishart

Japan is rightly celebrated for being a nation of phenomenal food. From sashimi to oden, from yakitori to yakiniku, there is so much to love about the local cuisine. However, wasabi and Taiwan Ramen aside, there is nothing that really clears out the sinuses, spice-wise. Which is why, for you...[ Click to read more ]

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Hawaiian Food in Tokyo

By Michael Stigall

There are places one can go to in Japan where it will seem you’ve stepped through Doraemon’s Dokodemo Door and straight up landed in America’s 50th state, Hawaii. From hula dancing to learning to play the ukulele, Japan has been all-in on all things Hawaiian since the heady “Bubble Era”...[ Click to read more ]

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Tokyo’s Best American BBQ

May 29, 2024 By Michael Stigall

In the United States, BBQ is cooking meat for long periods at low temperatures with smoke from a wood fire.  BBQ adds a distinctive smoky taste to the meat, and depending on the style in question, BBQ sauce.   While BBQ traditions may not have originated in the United States, they...[ Click to read more ]

Checking out Tamamiya-cho, Gifu’s Most Eclectic Night Spot

Apr 30, 2024 By Bert Wishart

While Nagoya's nightlife hotspots of Sakae and Meieki have a lot to say for themselves, it could be argued that what they make up in variety of establishments, as they tailor towards the after-work crowds, they can lack in personality. If you want to find somewhere in which you can...[ Click to read more ]

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Tokyo Oktoberfest 2024

By Michael Stigall

We've said it before, and we'll say it again: Japan loves beer. So it's no surprise there's an Oktoberfest festival happening somewhere at any point in the year. For Golden Week, Octoberfest is coming nearly half a year early in late April and early May. For those of you who...[ Click to read more ]

Yoyogi Park – Where The World Comes to Tokyo

By Michael Stigall

Situated south of Shinjuku, north of Shibuya and just west of Harajuku, the expanse of lush greenery, rolling hills and clear ponds known as Yoyogi Park serves as an oasis of refreshing nature in the concrete jungle known as Shibuya Ward. It’s also the home of Meiji Jingu, the shrine...[ Click to read more ]

Leaving Japan? Better Get Some Souvenirs!

Mar 26, 2024 By Bert Wishart

It is said that nothing is certain in this life but death in taxes, but I would like to add one more to that: change. Since coming to Japan, your life has probably undergone quite a lot of changes, with new experiences coming thick and fast. But now it is...[ Click to read more ]

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Top Owl Cafés in Osaka

By Justin Hanus

There are all sorts of animal cafés around Japan, most of which feature pets like cats, dogs, hedgehogs, and reptiles. However, nothing beats spending time with some majestic owls while you sip a beverage. Osaka has several owl cafés, all of which are great places to go if you want...[ Click to read more ]

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Tenmusu – Nagoya’s Other Shrimp Soul Food

By Bert Wishart

When outsiders think about Nagoya's meibutsu [local specialties], a few things will spring to mind. Miso katsu will be one, and tebasaki will be another, but ebi furai will quite possibly be highest on the list. These immense deep-fried shrimp are as Nagoyan as Nana-chan, and you can get them...[ Click to read more ]

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The Most Characteristic Souvenirs of Kumamoto

Mar 25, 2024 By Justin Hanus

Every region you visit in Japan will have something unique about it. Often, these qualities are reflected in the souvenirs. To remember your time in Kumamoto, there are a few souvenirs in particular to pick up. 1. Ikinari Dango A treat you’ll only find in Kumamoto is ikinari dango. These...[ Click to read more ]