Checking out Tamamiya-cho, Gifu’s Most Eclectic Night Spot

ByBert Wishart
Apr 30, 2024

Checking out Tamamiya-cho, Gifu’s Most Eclectic Night Spot

While Nagoya’s nightlife hotspots of Sakae and Meieki have a lot to say for themselves, it could be argued that what they make up in variety of establishments, as they tailor towards the after-work crowds, they can lack in personality. If you want to find somewhere in which you can find cool bars, nice shops, and make new friends, why not check out the Tamamiya-cho area around Gifu Station?

Just a 20 minute train ride from Nagoya Station, Tamamiya-cho is a thriving, bubbling area of nightlife, offering a delightful blend of traditional and modern attractions. At the heart of Tamamiya-cho lies its historic streets, lined with well-preserved traditional buildings and shops that line the covered markets. No matter what kind of night you are looking for, you are certain to discover it here.

Step back in time – Gifuyokocho

A 5-story building this may be, but inside it is reminiscent of street dining that harks back to a bygone era. With numerous drinking and dining establishments on each floor, including a rooftop beer garden, you can wander from bar to bar as you please, dipping in and out as the whim takes you. Want yakiniku? There it is. Yakitori? That too. Chinese, oden, oysters, kushikatsu, sashimi, Hida beef? It’s all there in a vibrant, fun-packed building.

Where: 4 Chome-7 Nagazumicho, Gifu (map)

Quiet Night – Voyage

The epitome of cozy and friendly, Voyage has a relaxing atmosphere that is ideal for sipping drinks and quietly getting to know the other patrons. The owner is extremely welcoming, and having operated in the area for many years, it is a Tamamiya institution. Be aware that smoking is permitted, but if you are fine with that, then it there can be little better than whiling away an evening with pleasant company.

Where: Gifu, Tamamoricho, 23−2 A F-STAGE 1F (map)
Tel: 0582623960

Foreigner Bar – Marquee Sports Bar

In their own words, Marquee is a middle-ground bar, perfect for all occasions. Styled on an Australian sports bar (the owner is an Aussie), it is the area’s ex-pat community hub, and pretty much any night you will find people hanging out, drinking from a broad selection of world beers, and getting stuck into some good old Aussie tucker (the meat pies are decent) and other western favorites. And if you aren’t the most outgoing of people, don’t worry, the owner will do enough talking for everyone!

Where: 6 Chome-11-5 Kandamachi, Gifu (map)

Craft Beer – Yell Ale Gifu

Less than five minutes from Gifu Meitetsu Station, Yell Ale is the Gifu branch of Nagoya’s Y Market chain, meaning that you can be assured of quality. There is a wide array of beers, both from their own brewery and further afield. They also do great food (though their ‘traditional’ fish and chips doesn’t pass this Brit’s test), and there are always new people popping in to chat with.

Where: 7 Hanemachi, Gifu (map)

Even if none of these places float your boat, there is much, much more to the area. It really is a great place to just rock up, wander around, and see what grabs your fancy. If you’re tired of the Nagoya scene and want to try something new, though not travel too far to find it, Tamamiya-cho and the surrounding area is the perfect place to do just that!

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