Holiday Dining Options in Hiroshima 2020

Nov 25, 2020 By Mark Guthrie

Hiroshima has great local cuisine, and there are numerous wonderful options available to you at any time of year. During the holidays, however, you may need some hints on where to go to get your fill of holiday tastes and treats. There is no cause for alarm, however, as we...[ Click to read more ]

Vietnamese Restaurants in Hiroshima

Nov 24, 2020 By Mark Guthrie

That Japan has some of the world's finest cuisine, there can be absolutely no doubt, and it is rightly renowned around the globe. However, it could also be said that it can sometimes lack piquancy and zest while it excels in numerous areas. Fortunately, if you feel like adding a...[ Click to read more ]

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Buying Holiday Decorations, Wrapping Paper & Lights in Hiroshima

Nov 20, 2020 By Admin

With Christmas fast approaching, thoughts turn to presents and brightening up the home with a few decorations. If you haven't already got your shopping for the season planned out, here are a few tips on where to buy some of the essential materials. Costco This is a good bet if...[ Click to read more ]

Winter Illumination in Hiroshima 2020

Nov 19, 2020 By Matt Mangham

Seasonal illuminations are a big deal in Japan. From the famous Kobe Luminarie, donated by the Italian government following the Great Hanshin Earthquake, to light festivals in Osaka, Sendai, Nagoya, and elsewhere, a chilly stroll through enchanting colored lights has become a prominent feature of winter in Japan. Hiroshima is...[ Click to read more ]

Thanksgiving Dinner in Hiroshima

Oct 26, 2020 By Mark Guthrie

With Thanksgiving being very much a North American holiday, we aren't really within our rights to expect Hiroshima to celebrate the third Thursday of November in quite the same way as it would be done in the US. However, like other international traditions such as Christmas, Hallowe'en, and Valentine's Day,...[ Click to read more ]

Miyajima – A Holy Island That’s Wholly Worth a Visit

By Mark Guthrie

Hiroshima Prefecture has much to offer it, from the hustle and bustle of the city, the somber and thought-provoking memorials, the striking scenery of the hills and gorges, and the sparkling waters of the Seto Inland Sea. But perhaps the most striking area of the region is Miyajima Island. Just...[ Click to read more ]

Koyo, or Fall Colors in Hiroshima

Oct 15, 2020 By Mark Guthrie

The Japanese are proud of the four distinct seasons that Japan offers and is very conscious of changing the seasons around them. They often celebrate little, or not so little, milestones between each to mark the occasion. Long sleeve or short sleeve shirts, for example, are there one day but...[ Click to read more ]

In the Frame – Playing Pool and Billiards in Hiroshima

Sep 29, 2020 By Mark Guthrie

"Show me a man who is good at pool, and I'll show you a man who had a misspent youth," my father once said. It was one of those times that made me realize that my father was not the fountain of all knowledge that I had thought him in...[ Click to read more ]

Shikoku’s Ancient Pilgrimage

Sep 28, 2020 By Admin

Shikoku is a welcome getaway from the densely populated areas of Japan. Filled with lush greenery, towering trees, and majestic mountains, Shikoku is a paradise of nature. The first expressway to connect Shikoku to the main island of Honshu was built in 1988, making the island previously only reachable by...[ Click to read more ]

Take Your Pick! – Fruit Picking in Hiroshima

By Mark Guthrie

Japan has something of an obsessive penchant for fruit. More than a mere foodstuff,  fruits are considered to be a thing of beauty, a prized possession, and in gift form a representation of the esteem in which one person holds for another. And in addition to all of that, it...[ Click to read more ]