Going up in Smoke – Cigars in Nagoya

ByBert Wishart
Sep 27, 2023

Going up in Smoke – Cigars in Nagoya

Depending on which side of the divide you fall, you probably thought that the Japanese government’s 2020 decision to ban smoking in many indoor spaces was either the best they ever made or a direct infringement on your civil rights. In the intervening years, positions have probably mellowed, as smokers have discovered that it is no real hardship to pop outside for a quick cig. Actually, it’s quite an excellent excuse to get away from that drunk at the table next to you who keeps asking you, “Where are you from?” ad nauseam, even though you have told him 20 times already.

However, the same cannot be said for cigar aficionados, as ‘popping outside’ isn’t exactly part of the (excuse the pun) draw. Fortunately, there are a number of safe spaces for you guys who prefer a stogie to a cig, accompanied by like-minded folks, as there are a handful of excellent cigar stores around the city.

Before we get into all that, however, I would like to preface this with the caveat that I am not a cigar smoker, and as such, unlike most of the articles I write for MTR, very little of the information is first-hand knowledge.

Nagoya’s Cigar Bars

Cigar Club Kankou

Boasting the most extensive range of tobacco products in the Nagoya area and being the only place on this list that I have visited myself, Cigar Club Kankou in Fushimi is perhaps the perfect place to start. Its walk-in humidor and street-facing view create a relaxing, chilled atmosphere. As well as all the tobacco products you can imagine, you can enjoy a drink as you smoke, even a bite to eat. They also have live jazz and Cuban music performances. It’s a cracking little shop that I can heartily recommend.

Where: Nagoya, Naka Ward, Sakae, 1 Chome−10−30 Montecharine (map)
Website: cigarclub-kanou.com


I know what you are thinking, but Spirits in Sakae and Fushimi are no bottle shops. Well, not entirely. Spirits is a liquor and cigar specialty store with all the best cigars and paraphernalia you could ever desire. Oh, and if you’ve got any questions, some English-speaking staff are not only knowledgable and friendly but also too happy to help you out. Failing that, you can just message them on their website before you go, and they’ll get back to you.

Where: Eau de Vie Sakae Bldg. 1F, 3 Chome-13-6, Sakae, Naka Ward, Nagoya (map)
Website: e-tabako.com

Antoinette Cigar Cafe

In Naka Ward, Antoinette Cigar Cafe carries up to 300 products, from cigarettes to cigarillos and premium cigars. The latter are stored in a carefully controlled walk-in humidor, so the taste and quality are always at their best. With a wide range of product knowledge, this long-established cigar store even provides cigar delivery. In addition, for those of you who are new to the way of the cigar, they even supply tutorials on how to best enjoy your smoke.

Where: Nagoya, Kita Ward, Koonjicho, 3 Chome−5−5 1F Marie (map)
Website: antoinette.jp

Bar Octagon – Kawabun

As mentioned in last month’s Fine Dining article, Kawabun in Sakae has, for some 400 years, been the watchword for excellence. As such, it is perhaps no surprise that its Bar Octagon is likewise. While enjoying a drink from their extensively stocked bar – their whisky selection is excellent – you can choose from one of their fine cigars and enjoy it on their beautiful terrace. The selection is limited, but from a Vegafina Perla to a Cohiba Panatela, with time estimations included on the menu, you should be able to find something that suits your taste.

Where: 2 Chome-12-30 Marunouchi, Naka Ward, Nagoya (map)
Website: thekawabunnagoya.com

Image: By  via flickr.com [CC BY-NC-ND]
Image: By via flickr.com [CC BY-NC-ND]

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