Aichi Children’s Center “Kids Town” at Expo Park in Nagakute

ByRay Proper
Dec 09, 2015

Aichi Children’s Center “Kids Town” at Expo Park in Nagakute

Aichi-Children-Center-1Aichi Children’s Center’s “Kids Town” is a wealth of things to do for cheap in Nagoya with kids! Envisioned as a place where kids can “invigorate their minds and bodies, challenge themselves, find excitement, while thinking and feeling freely,” Kids Town is a place for children to find and create themselves through new experiences, play, excitement, and fun.

The Aichi Children’s Center is a non-profit, prefectural facility that serves the children of Aichi in four ways:

  1. Experience and education: Kids Town offers activities designed to offer rich experiences to children
  2. Research and development: R&D of recreation, playthings, environments, and child development
  3. Education and training: Training and seminars for the area’s advisers and volunteers
  4. Public relations: Promoting child development

Kids town does indeed offer a wealth of activities and areas for kids to explore, I mean these spots just sound fun, right? The Play Studio 1.2, Challenge Tower, Experience Zone “Kids Forrest,” Robot Theater, Kitchen Studio, and even a Picture Book Room. Check out the video on the very bottom of the page that gives you an idea of the view of the park available from the Observatory.

The center offers many activities for children, but they are all in Japanese as far as I know. The center comes very highly recommend by many of in the foreign ex-pat community, and is a regular destination for families-especially in spring and summer. Why not take a trip out to the park, and see what all the fuss is about?

Additionally, there is reportedly also a big pool with water slides, and an ice skating rink at nearby Morrikoro park as well, with a big green field to play in. The staff there put out jump ropes, hula hoops, stilts, and Frisbee for the kids to play with, and it is all just a short walk from the down the hill from the Children’s center.


  • -Japanese Only
  • Phone – 0561 63 1110
  • Hours – 9:00 am to 5:00 pm
  • Closed Monday – If Monday is a public holiday the next day and New Year
  • Admission is free for children of Junior High School age and below, all others 300 yen

 Aichi Children’s Center’s “Kids Town Video


  • Train – Take the Linimo from Fujigaoka Station on the yellow line, and get off at Ai-Chikyuhaku Kinen Koen Station
  • Car – Get off at the Nagakute interchange on Nagoya-Seto Road (via Tomei Expressway Nisshin Junction)

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