Nagakute City

Chubu Walkathon and International Charity Festival 2024

Mar 05, 2023 By Admin

The Chubu Walkathon is an exciting event that raises money for charity and offers a great family-friendly day in the park for adults and children alike. The Walkathon is not...[ Click to read more ]

All Japan Gyoza Festival at Nagakute’s Moricoro Park

Aug 29, 2018 By Bert Wishart

Much like ramen, gyoza is a dish with Chinese origins that the Japanese have taken to their hearts. Typically filled with ground pork, chives, green onion, cabbage, ginger, garlic, soy sauce and...[ Click to read more ]

Soldiering on at The Battlefields of Nagakute

Feb 01, 2018 By Bert Wishart

Visit the grounds of one of Japan's most historic battles. When considering Japanese history, most people will think of two key places: Kyoto and Tokyo. The former was for long...[ Click to read more ]

Aichi Nagoya Yuki Festival

Dec 20, 2016 By

The Aichi Nagoya Snow Festival is 2000 tons of snow imported from Nagano and Gifu on an annual basis for our enjoyment! This family friendly festival offers an equivalent tonnage...[ Click to read more ]

Aichi Children’s Center “Kids Town” at Expo Park in Nagakute

Dec 09, 2015 By Ray Proper

Aichi Children’s Center’s “Kids Town” is a wealth of things to do for cheap in Nagoya with kids! Envisioned as a place where kids can “invigorate their minds and bodies, challenge...[ Click to read more ]