Chubu Walkathon and International Charity Festival

ByRay Proper
Apr 15, 2019

Chubu Walkathon and International Charity Festival

The Chubu Walkathon is back!  This exciting event raises money for charity and offers a great family friendly day in the park for adults and children alike. The Walkathon is not just a walking course.  This fun and memorable family event offers great food, live music and stage shows, a children’s activity zone, and a raffle with great prizes.

2019 Chubu Walkathon

Date: May 19, 2019 (Sun) Rain or shine!
Time: 10:00 – 15:00
Location: Aichi Expo Memorial Park (Moricoro Park)


Special:  5,000 yen (includes special raffle ticket )
Regular: 2,000 yen
Student: 1,000 yen

All proceeds go to charity!

If you are interested in donating more you can find information on becoming an “individual sponsor” of the event for any donation from 50,000 yen to… whatever you like.  Information on this, and corporate sponsorship opportunities can be found here, Download Sponsorship Flyer in PDF

 About The Chubu Walkathon

The Chubu Walkathon and International Charity Festival is a charitable event started in 1991 in Nagoya, Japan by mostly foreign members of the now-defunct American Business Community Nagoya (ABCN). The festival continues to be held annually on a Sunday in May and is hosted by the American Chamber of Commerce in Japan (ACCJ) and Nagoya International School (NIS).

The Walkathon’s main purpose is to join the international community with Japanese friends and companies to

The Chubu Walkathon has long been popular with the region’s foreign communities for the range of bands, “foods from home,” volunteer opportunities, and fun, but every year it becomes more and more popular with Japanese people as well.  Bringing the Japanese community in is a high priority for the event, and has helped grow attendance from a few hundred participants in 1991 to its current size.

The money raised by walkathon is distributed and used by local NPOs and charitable organizations, who apply for the funds every year.  In 2011, for example, a local orphanage, applied for funds to rebuild a staircase, another facility asked for a new TV and video game console for children living there.  These are excellent representations of where Walkathon money goes.

The amounts given from Walkathon funds are usually small; 200,000 yen or less, and go for specific projects.  Charitable organizations that have a need can make a project plan and budget, and then submit the proposal to the organizing committee of the Walkathon, where the funds are sorted.  You can find information on charities and groups we have supported in previous years on the Walkathon website.

History of the Walkathon

The Walkathon and International Charity Festivals were held at Meijo Park near Nagoya Castle from 1991 until 2009 when we were invited to participate in the 100th anniversary of Tsuruma Park by the city of Nagoya. After two years at Tsuruma Park, it changed again to its present location at Moricoro Park in Nagakute.  While the distance is much greater than at either Meijo Koen or Tsuruma Koen, the venue more than makes up for the distance.

The event, held in late May (traditionally the 3rd Sunday in May), has been rained out more than a few times over 20 years, but Moricoro Park offers our event a large covered common area, and even a few large rooms to use.  The kid’s area is almost entirely indoors, and that makes a big difference when it rains!  While the event has ALWAYS been held “rain or shine,” having a place to get out of the rain if it comes makes the day so much more pleasant for everyone.

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