Enjoy a Night Cruise Along Hiroshima Bay this Summer

Jun 21, 2016 By Justin Hanus

What better way to see the beauty of the Hiroshima Bay and surrounding islands than from the deck of a boat or cruise ship? Though you can rent different water vehicles throughout the day for your own personal use, like kayaks or paddle boats, there’s something positively relaxing and wonderful...[ Click to read more ]

Mitchan Sōhonten – Hiroshima Style Okonomiyaki in Hiroshima!

Jun 20, 2016 By Jade Brischke

Okonomiyaki is kind of like a Japanese pancake, if pancakes were made of vegetables and meat and not at all sweet.  In fact, there is very little to compare the two dishes besides the general shape and the fact that both are truly awesome dishes, perhaps Japanese Pizza would be...[ Click to read more ]

The Shimanami Kaido trail – Bicycling in Hiroshima

May 08, 2016 By Mark Guthrie

Before temperatures begin to soar, spring is a time when the Japanese take advantage of the clement weather to get out and enjoy their stunning natural surroundings. With the country’s peaks still too cold and treacherous to traverse, cycling is a popular pastime. One of the most accessible and interesting...[ Click to read more ]

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Mazda: The Economic Engine of Hiroshima

Mar 22, 2016 By Justin Hanus

Hiroshima is a company town. Mazda is the region’s biggest employer and the car maker bankrolls the city’s professional baseball team, the Hiroshima Carp. The company was instrumental in rebuilding Hiroshima after the atomic bombing in 1945. Only days after the blast leveled the industrial base of the city, the...[ Click to read more ]

Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day in Hiroshima

Feb 22, 2016 By Justin Hanus

For many people around the world, the month of March means St. Patrick’s Day and all of the fun celebrations that come along with it. These days, it’s not just Western countries or predominantly Irish populations of people who join in the cultural festivities. Many parts of the East, including...[ Click to read more ]

Hiroshima Prefecture Medical Providers

Jan 27, 2016 By Jade Brischke

Hiroshima is located in the west of Japan, situated in the Chugoku region alongside the Seto Inland Sea on the main island of Honshu. The area is known for its mountains, sea, and all the beauty and bounty both geographic areas provide. Hiroshima prefecture has over 2 million residents, half...[ Click to read more ]

Peace Memorial Park in Hiroshima

Jan 26, 2016 By Justin Hanus

Peace Memorial Park stands as a silent appeal for the elimination of all nuclear weapons and a plea for world peace. This part of Hiroshima was a bustling center of commerce for 240 years beginning in 1603 with a steady stream of goods arriving by boat on the Ōta River....[ Click to read more ]

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Mihara Shinmei-ichi Daruma Festival in Hiroshima

By Justin Hanus

If you’ve spent some time in Japan, you’ve probably come across more than a few of those small, round, brightly colored dolls that sit on shelves and stare at you from one or two white eyes. A bit unsettling at first, these legless, armless, “daruma” dolls are quite charming when...[ Click to read more ]

Family Disaster Preparation, Survival, and Response in Japan

Jul 05, 2015 By

No one wants to be part of a disaster, but if you have to Japan is one of the best places ti do it. From building codes, to government and civil procedures, the Japanese Government has built pretty good infrastructure to be used “in case of emergency.”  While they do good job...[ Click to read more ]

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