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Nagoya Auto Festival

Jun 10, 2017 By

If you are interested in cars, you may want to check out Nagoya Auto Festival, featuring newer, highly customized vehicles.  There...[ Click to read more ]

Communicate in Japanese with ili

Jun 07, 2017 By

If you’re coming to Japan, it may surprise you to find out that English isn’t as commonly spoken as you...[ Click to read more ]

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Family Fun at Nagoya’s Kodomo Land

May 31, 2017 By Mark Guthrie

With the summer holidays fast approaching, its that time of the year when we start to think about how we...[ Click to read more ]

Ukiyo-e, The Japanese Art of Woodblock Painting

May 30, 2017 By Mark Guthrie

When one thinks of Japanese artwork, there is a good chance that the picture above, or one very much like...[ Click to read more ]

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Sanno Matsuri, One of Tokyo’s Three Most Important Festivals

May 30, 2017 By Mark Guthrie

When it comes to festivals (matsuri), nothing can quite beat Japan in the summer. Pretty much every town and city...[ Click to read more ]

Hydrangea Walk in the Kobe City Forest Botanical Garden

May 25, 2017 By Admin

The Kobe City Forest Botanical Garden, is a massive botanical garden and arboretum located near Mount Maya in Kobe, Japan. Despite...[ Click to read more ]

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Reach for the stars at Hiroshima’s Planetarium

May 23, 2017 By Jade Brischke

Although the stars may be a little hard to see sometimes in the city with all the lights, you don’t...[ Click to read more ]

Toukasan Festival: Hiroshima’s Official Start of Summer

May 23, 2017 By Jade Brischke

Toukasan (とうかさん) is not only the biggest festival in Hiroshima, but also one of the oldest of the summer festivals...[ Click to read more ]