Experience Remote Noto Peninsula

Aug 27, 2020

Experience Remote Noto Peninsula

Summer will soon be winding down, and the weather will begin to cool off, making it a particularly pleasant time to spend outdoors. But where should you go to take advantage of the cooler weather?

So far, the Japanese government reports that 2 million people have taken advantage of the Go-To Travel Campaign to revitalize the domestic tourism industry. Are you thinking about taking part but unsure of where to go?

The Noto Peninsula May be Your Answer

Found in Central Japan in Ishikawa Prefecture, the Noto Peninsula is known for its rugged coastline and dramatic sea views. Home to some of the country’s freshest seafood, this picturesque destination boasts not only pristine, unspoiled scenery and incredible cuisine, but a long and rich cultural history as well.

Due to its remote nature, the Noto region can be difficult to access, making it a perfect destination for cycling. Take in views of the vast sea and visit the small towns along the way, exploring the unique local culture of each. Allowing you to explore at a pace that suits you, traveling with Oku Japan to the Noto Peninsula on a self-guided cycling tour will introduce you to a rarely-visited region steeped in tradition. Not only will you be invited to take an inside look at the local culture, but you will also aid local businesses by supporting economic growth affected by depopulation and young people moving to large cities.

Noto’s rich culture

A highlight of spending time in the Noto region is the rich culture, including that of urushi lacquerware. This traditional art involves a long and careful process and results in beautiful creations with a glossy finish. Urushi lacquerware carries traditions going back thousands of years.

A must-visit town on the Noto Peninsula is Wajima, a small yet vibrant and culturally rich spot that will enhance your travels. Its morning market is famous for the area’s exquisite seafood, and each week cultural performances take place where visitors and locals alike can enjoy a deeper look into the community’s culture. After taking in the unique traditions of Wajima, a step outside will transport you into stunning landscapes that include seaside terraced rice fields that will be etched in your memories for a long time to come.

You can be a part of the economic recovery

One of Oku Japan’s goals is to support small, rural communities that rely on tourism to carry on local traditions. By taking a trip to this region, you are supporting the recovery efforts of the locals and assisting in creating a brighter future.

Are you interested in learning more about a self-guided cycling trip around the Noto Peninsula? Get in touch with Oku Japan to plan your dream trip now.


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