Baeren: Morioka’s Beer

Jun 13, 2019 By Jade Brischke

Last month I wrote about my favourite places for craft beer. I half expected to receive death threats for failing to mention what is considered to be THE city’s craft beer: Baeren. The thing is, not mentioning it was deliberate. Some people are going to accuse me of being blasphemous,...[ Click to read more ]

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How to Go-kart Through the Streets of Tokyo

May 29, 2019 By Jason Gatewood

If you’ve been in Tokyo’s tourist areas for just a few hours, you might have caught a glimpse of a fleet of go-karts with costume-clad drivers speeding through the streets. Even if you haven’t seen them up close, you may have heard of them or even caught them all over...[ Click to read more ]

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Best Ice Cream shops in Tokyo

May 27, 2019 By Jason Gatewood

Summertime in the Metropolis gets really hot and humid, bordering what you’d find in many subtropical locations. While it’s easy to find relief in the form of sitting underneath the aircon at home, having a one-hour go on the Yamanote Line’s new trains (whilst avoiding the “weak air conditioned car!),...[ Click to read more ]

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Out Drinking in Hiroshima

By Hugh Cann

You have had a great week and want to celebrate, or possibly it was one of those weeks that felt like a string of Mondays one after the other and you just want to have a quiet drink and put it behind you. Here are some suggestions for places to...[ Click to read more ]

Hiking Mt Mitaki in Hiroshima City

By Hugh Cann

The best hike within Hiroshima City is a great bush hike to the summit of Mt Mitaki on the outskirts of the city. Mt Mitaki is best known for Mitaki-dera (三瀧寺), an historic Japanese temple nestling on the mountainside, a very short but entirely well worthwhile journey from Hiroshima city...[ Click to read more ]

The Mazda Museum in Hiroshima – More Than You’d Expect

By Hugh Cann

Amongst the museums, galleries, and attractions you will find in Hiroshima, perhaps one of the more surprisingly interesting is the Mazda Museum. In fact, it may well be news to you indeed that the Mazda brand originated in Hiroshima and where the Mazda Motor Corporation, founded in Hiroshima in 1920,...[ Click to read more ]

How Shodo Lessons Will Teach You More Than Calligraphy

May 22, 2019 By Justin Hanus

On the surface, it may seem that shodo is simply a form of Japanese writing. Actually, it is much more than that. The most well-known form of fine art in the country, children begin learning shodo at elementary school. It is also one of the most popular extra-curricular activities. What...[ Click to read more ]

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Toyota: The Driving Force Behind Aichi’s Prosperity

Apr 22, 2019 By Mark Guthrie

Aichi Prefecture is well known for manufacturing, but there is one company that stands head and shoulders above the rest. The Toyota Motoring Corporation that sprang up from the Aichi city that now bears its name is (by some metrics) the largest automobile producer in the world, and without it,...[ Click to read more ]

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2019 Heisei Abdication & Reiwa Coronation

Apr 20, 2019 By Jason Gatewood

Unless you’ve made a concerted effort to avoid Japanese news headlines for the last two years, you already know that the current patriarch of the world’s oldest royal family, Emperor Akihito, will step down from the Chrysanthemum Throne and make way for his son Prince Naruhito to be crowned. A...[ Click to read more ]

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Kyoto International Manga Museum

Apr 15, 2019 By Justin Hanus

There’s no better place in the country for fans of manga than the Kyoto International Manga Museum. Visitors have the chance to browse a massive collection of manga that spans three floors, visit exhibitions, and read manga on the museum lawn (weather permitting). The building was formerly an elementary school,...[ Click to read more ]

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