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Take Your Pick: Hiroshima’s Kajitsu no Mori

Mar 31, 2022 By William Farrow

With spring comes renewed greenery across the land, and a season full of outdoor activities has begun. Today, we will...[ Click to read more ]

Miroku no Sato: Your Next Day Trip in Hiroshima

Mar 24, 2022 By William Farrow

As the warmth of spring begins to run over Japan, people are looking to get outdoors again. For residents of...[ Click to read more ]

I Heard it Through the Grapevine: Sera Winery and Yume Park

Feb 24, 2022 By William Farrow

As the chills of winter give way and the warmth of spring begins to return to Japan, people find themselves...[ Click to read more ]

Some Pep(per) in Your Step: Spice in Hiroshima

By William Farrow

After being in Japan for a while, foreign residents often opine that the local food culture does not offer options...[ Click to read more ]

Looking for Snacks? Leaf it to Me!

By William Farrow

In Japanese, the word momiji usually refers to the leaves of the maple trees in Japan. A popular symbol representing autumn,...[ Click to read more ]

Get Your Motor Runnin’: The Hiroshima Toyopet Mobility Park

Jan 27, 2022 By William Farrow

As a leader in exporting cars and vehicles worldwide, Japan is obsessed with cars of all shapes and sizes down...[ Click to read more ]

I’m Board Stiff! Board Games to Cure Boredom in Hiroshima

By William Farrow

Japan offers a host of outdoor activities that make us feel wonder, introspection, and excitement. But what can you do...[ Click to read more ]

Get Your Groove On! A Thrifty Guide to Buying Guitars in Japan

Jan 24, 2022 By William Farrow

For those who love to hit, pluck, strike or strum their instrument of choice, moving to Japan can provide a...[ Click to read more ]

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Music to Your Ears: The Hiroshima Symphony Orchestra

By William Farrow

While it is often easy to find places to see Japan's natural and manmade wonders, sometimes we all need to...[ Click to read more ]