Out and About: Day Trips in Hiroshima

ByWilliam Farrow
Apr 28, 2022

Out and About: Day Trips in Hiroshima

No doubt, Hiroshima city has a lot to do and see. However, like all cities, residents may eventually find themselves in a rut when it comes to entertainment. Fortunately, Hiroshima prefecture itself offers a lot for those willing to go out and explore. Here are a few suggested places to visit that will help make some great memories. Please note that some of these suggestions will require the use of a car.

Mizube Park (Taishaku Gorge)

Our first suggestion is a bit of a drive. Mizube park is out among the Taishaku Gorge region and offers all of the raw beauty of Japan’s mountainous nature with a fun place to both fish and play in the water. Due to the nature of the park’s various activities, this place is best visited in late spring through the summer.

The highlight for people with smaller kids is definitely playing in the rivers. The lovely, cold water is best in summer. Braver kids (or parents thrust into the role) have the chance to catch rainbow trout with their bare hands. Those same rainbow trout taste excellent when salted and grilled over an open fire. Children even have a chance to get a hands-on experience with how food goes from nature to their bellies by learning how to gut, clean, and prepare the fish.

It is also possible to go river fishing and try your luck alongside many other families. Other fun activities include the super popular nagashi sōmen experience, where you try to scoop noodles made out of buckwheat from cold mountain streams.

All in all, this is a trip where you bring a nice picnic sheet, some good sunblock, mosquito repellent, and your outdoor spirit. Everyone but the driver will have a nice nap on the way home!

Keep in mind that you will need to make a reservation, so definitely check out the reservation page and use browser-assisted translation if need be. Please be sure to read up on things to bring and keep in mind that according to the associated iku-yo page, bringing in your own lunches, tents, or pets is not allowed (though strollers are okay).

Forest Adventure

In neighboring Hatsukaichi, you can have a chance to climb, swing, and explore through the trees in this fun outdoor adventure park. Offering a variety of courses for adults and children of various skill levels, this is a great chance to burn energy and get back out into nature at the same time!

The different courses will each have their own age and height requirements, so please double check your family’s needs before going. You will also need to keep in mind that some courses allow children above a certain age and height to attempt the course independently, while other courses will demand an accompanying parent regardless.

It is highly recommended to reach out and make a reservation to avoid any disappointment due to entry limits.

Otherwise, the concept is excellent and straightforward: Get out there and get moving!

Mizube Park (Taishaku Gorge) 

Address (JP): 〒729-3601 広島県神石郡神石高原町相渡2633

Address (EN): 〒 729-3601 Hiroshima-ken, Jinseki-gun, Jinsekikogen-chō, Aido 2633

Telephone: 080-2939-0813

Open from 10:00 to 16:00.

Forest Adventure

Address (JP): 〒738-0301 広島県廿日市市吉和1593-75

Address (EN): 〒738-0301 Hiroshima Prefecture, Hatsukaichi city, Yoshiwa 1593-75

Telephone: 080-2128-0320

Open from 9:00 to 17:00. 

Image by https://foret-aventure.jp/eng/conditions/

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