Take Your Pick: Hiroshima’s Kajitsu no Mori

ByWilliam Farrow
Mar 31, 2022

Take Your Pick: Hiroshima’s Kajitsu no Mori

With spring comes renewed greenery across the land, and a season full of outdoor activities has begun. Today, we will talk about Kajitsu no Mori, quite literally The Fruit Forest, located a few cities east of Hiroshima in Mihara. Whether you are looking for an excellent date location or a place to spend the day with the family, Kajitsu no Mori will let you be swept away to an idyllic countryside village-themed area with many fruit jams and spreads and more.

Located a bit north of the Hiroshima airport, Kajitsu no Mori sports fields of fruits for the picking, a shop selling various fruit-related goods and souvenirs, and an open field for those with smaller children.

What kinds of fruit can I pick?

A seasonal affair, fruit choices change month by month, as seen on this fruit picking calendar (Browser-based translation services work, though the website’s old-school layout may cause formatting issues depending on your screen size). As of this article’s writing (March 2022), strawberries are in season.

After seeing the fruit in season, you can go to that fruit’s specific page (here is a link for the strawberry picking) to see if and when you can make a reservation. Be advised some Japanese finess may be required to complete a reservation successfully.

If you do not want to make a reservation, it is also possible to show up on the day and wait in line for your turn.

The above page will also list the time limit, prices, and other relevant information.

What kind of food and shopping is offered?

Most of your souvenir and canned goods shopping will occur at the aptly named Gate Shop located near the entrance, the restaurant, or the fruit processing facility. Please note that facility availability is seasonal. As of March 31, both the processing facility and restaurant are temporarily closed. You can see the availability of the gelato and pie factories with this link, but it may be in your best interest to confirm via phone call before going.

How can I get there?

The smoothest trip would undoubtedly be by car. The linked route includes toll roads and would be a bit over one hour if leaving from Hiroshima city.

There is no convenient method of getting to Kajitsu no Mori without a car, but there is a workaround. The park is only about 12 minutes away from Hiroshima Airport, so it would be possible to contract a taxi to drive from the airport to the park. However, remember you will need to arrange your return trip as well!

Is there anything else I should know?

Near the south end of the park is an open-spaced area where kids are encouraged to slide down hills and run around. You are free to bring toys or other equipment you would like to use (within reason, and pets are not allowed), and the very southern tip provides an excellent view of Hiroshima Airport’s terminal. Fans of airplanes have an excellent opportunity to relax and watch flights come in and out of the airport.

Did you go out to Kajitsu no Mori? What season did you go in, and what did you pick? Let us know in the comments below!

Kajitsu no Mori

Address (JP): 〒729-1211 広島県三原市大和町大草75−28

Address (EN): 〒729-1211 75-28 Ohara, Daiwa-cho, Mihara, Hiroshima Prefecture

*Note from the author: I cannot find accurate English translations to determine if it is Ohara or Obara.

Telephone: 084-734-0005

Image: By Domdomegg via Wikimedia Commons [CC By 4.0]

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