Hyogo’s Ashiya City Garbage Bag Changes 2023

ByWilliam Farrow
Apr 28, 2023

Hyogo’s Ashiya City Garbage Bag Changes 2023

Residents of Ashiya City in Hyogo Prefecture should be aware that the rules regarding garbage bags will change in October 2023, and a transition period has already begun as of April 2023.

Ashiya City has asked that all garbage belonging to both the burnable and the non-burnable garbage groups be placed in designated Ashiya City garbage bags. These bags can be purchased in 45L, 30L, 15L, and 5L sizes.

The Changes

While the basic rule is simple enough to follow, there are some nuances for residents to be aware of:

・Burnable and non-burnable garbage use the same bag type but cannot be placed inside the same bag.

・Bags containing non-burnable garbage should be clearly checked with a marker. There is a checkbox near the bottom of the garbage bag that says 不燃 (Funen – Non-burnable).

・All garbage disposed of via the Pipeline must be placed in the designated garbage bags.

Unaffected Points

・Recyclable trash will still be dealt with the same way as before.

・Your garbage collection times and dates will most likely not change.

5 Points to Keep in Mind

  1. Smaller garbage bags may be put into one large bag (Please try to keep this to a bare minimum)
  2. Burnable and non-burnable garbage may not be mixed
  3. The content of the garbage bag may not be hidden by placing it inside black or otherwise opaque bags
  4. Non-designated garbage bags may not be used
  5. Garbage bags may not be placed directly into cardboard boxes

Garbage In, Garbage Out

For further information, please refer to the official Ashiya City website. Use browser translation to read the changes in a different language.

The design of the garbage bag can be seen on a separate webpage, which should prove helpful for residents while shopping.

While the changes are straightforward, please comment if you have any questions or concerns.

Photo courtesy of Ashiya City public website.

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