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Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios, Osaka

Sep 28, 2023 By Justin Hanus

Halloween Horror Nights is one of the biggest annual events at Universal Studios Japan in Osaka. From the popular street zombies to frightening mazes, it features numerous attractions just for...[ Click to read more ]

Step Back in Time at Gifu Seiryu-Satoyama Park

May 30, 2023 By Bert Wishart

While most people besotted with Japanese history tend to focus on the periods of samurai and geisha, there is more to Japan than dudes quoting haiku and swinging katana blades....[ Click to read more ]

Miroku no Sato: Your Next Day Trip in Hiroshima

Mar 24, 2022 By William Farrow

As the warmth of spring begins to run over Japan, people are looking to get outdoors again. For residents of Hiroshima city and the surrounding areas, Miroku no Sato offers...[ Click to read more ]

Do I Amuse You? Japan’s Best Amusement Parks

Mar 24, 2022 By Bert Wishart

As far back as I remember, I always loved going to amusement parks, and fortunately for me, the Japanese are as crazy for rollercoasters as I am. Japan has some...[ Click to read more ]

Splish, Splash, Sploosh!: Your Guide to Tokyo’s Waterparks

Jun 26, 2018 By Jason Gatewood

When the air outside is thick with humidity, cicadas begin their endless chirping, the stores start stocking endless varieties of flavored bottled water and teas, and all the kids start...[ Click to read more ]