Mix It Up! International Food in Hiroshima

ByWilliam Farrow
Apr 28, 2022

Mix It Up! International Food in Hiroshima

Japanese food is fantastic; no arguments there. Yet, what was that old adage? Ah, right: Variety is the spice of life. For this article, we will dig up some food choices from around the world. Time to dig in!

Cal/Tex-Mex: Graffity

Finding decent American food is not a big challenge for most Americans. BBQ and hamburger places exist in most major cities, and the owners have often studied the style of cooking to a high degree of competency.

Pizza can be a challenge if you are looking for a specific style like Chicago or New York, but plenty of Italian places serve the need just fine.

However, the beautiful fusion of food cultures commonly called “Tex-Mex” tends to be quite challenging to find. That lovely combination of spice, crunch, and cheese taunts Americans as they search endlessly for a place to satiate those cravings.

Enter Graffity in Fukuromachi. A popular choice among the foreign population looking to scratch their Tex-Mex itch, Graffity offers the classic gamut: Enchiladas, nachos, tacos, fajitas, and more are available to satiate all cravings.

Borrachos in Yagenbori also offers Tex-Mex-styled foods, but please keep in mind this restaurant caters to a late-night crowd and runs from 18:00 to 5:00 the following morning.

Korean: Kankoku Yattai Bekkou

With a name that translates roughly to Korean Foodstand Bekkou, this place serves up all the dishes that come to mind when thinking of Korea. Whether you want tteokbokki, pajeon, or a hot and crunchy bowl of bibimbap, Bekkou has you covered.

Located 3 minutes from the south exit of Hiroshima station, this place will definitely serve up nostalgic feelings for anyone who has lived or traveled in Korea.

Bekkou also offers a few special course meals for those looking to have a fun dinner together. Your author is particularly weak towards cheese dakgalbi, with its perfect combination of spice and cheesy goodness. It would be best to look at the menu online to see what other offerings Bekkou has in store.

Also, note that while not Korean in origin, there is an Oreo cheesecake option buried at the bottom of the menu.

Thai: Sawadee Lemongrass Grill

Whether it’s the coconut flavor, the aesthetics, or that excellent spicy kick, Thai cooking is popular all over the world. However, it always seems to be a bit of a challenge to find a good Thai place (though I would imagine Tokyo readers have a bit of a smirk as they read this).

Sawadee Lemongrass Grill serves as “that good Thai place” for residents of Hiroshima. With classic Thai dishes like Gapao rice, Khao Man Gai, and green curry, this will be your best bet for anyone craving a good, straightforward Thai experience.

Keep in mind that the restaurant itself can be tricky to find as it is behind a different shop, but your efforts will be well-rewarded.

Did you go out and have a great meal? Or do you have any secret place to get your fix? Let us know in the comments below!


Address (JP): 〒730-0036 広島県広島市中区袋町6-4 4F

Address (EN): 〒730-0036 Hiroshima City, Naka-ku, Fukuromachi 6-4, 4F

Telephone: 082-243-3669

Open from 11:30 to 14:00 and 18:00 to 24:00, closed on Tuesdays.


Kankoku Yattai Bekkou

Address (JP): 〒732-0821 広島県広島市南区大須賀町12-9

Address (EN): 〒732-0821 Hiroshima City, Minami-ku, Ōsuga-chō 12-9

Telephone: 082-236-9289

Open from 18:oo to 24:00.


Sawadee Lemongrass Grill

Address (JP): 〒730-0033 広島県広島市中区堀川町5−2 モーツアルトハウス4F

Address (EN): 〒730-0033 Hiroshima, Naka-ku, Horikawa-chō, 5−2 Mozart House 4F

Telephone: 082-241-0066

Open from 11:00 to 14:30 and 17:00 to 22:00.

Shops may change all days and hours of operation provided due to Coronavirus measures. Please confirm availability before going.

Stu Spivak, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

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