Kyushu Day Trips

Aso-Kuju: Kumamoto’s Breathtaking Park

Jul 01, 2023 By William Farrow

For residents of Kyushu, the outdoors and nature are always nearby. A far cry from the large cities of Honshu, people can expect a rich abundance of activities and places...[ Click to read more ]

The JR Kyushu Trains with the Best Views

Dec 26, 2022 By Justin Hanus

All the Design & Story Trains of the JR Kyushu railway are designed to bring passengers unique experiences. However, a few trains stand out for providing outstanding views along the...[ Click to read more ]

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A Closer Look at the Newest JR Kyushu Trains

Jul 19, 2022 By Justin Hanus

The JR Kyushu trains used to be a group of eight sightseeing trains that took passengers on journeys across Kyushu in a way that allowed them to experience the island’s...[ Click to read more ]