Tokyo Oktoberfest 2024

Apr 30, 2024 By Michael Stigall

We've said it before, and we'll say it again: Japan loves beer. So it's no surprise there's an Oktoberfest festival happening somewhere at any point in the year. For Golden Week, Octoberfest is coming nearly half a year early in late April and early May. For those of you who...[ Click to read more ]

Yoyogi Park – Where The World Comes to Tokyo

By Michael Stigall

Situated south of Shinjuku, north of Shibuya and just west of Harajuku, the expanse of lush greenery, rolling hills and clear ponds known as Yoyogi Park serves as an oasis of refreshing nature in the concrete jungle known as Shibuya Ward. It’s also the home of Meiji Jingu, the shrine...[ Click to read more ]

Chubu Walkathon and International Charity Festival 2024

By Admin

The Chubu Walkathon is an exciting event that raises money for charity and offers a great family-friendly day in the park for adults and children alike. The Walkathon is not just a walking course. This fun and memorable family event has excellent food, live music, stage shows, a children’s activity...[ Click to read more ]

Bonus Flower Viewing with the 2024 Sakura Tulip Festa

Mar 26, 2024 By Michael Stigall

So we’ve talked about plum blossom viewing and cherry blossom viewing, but what if I told you there is a third type of flower viewing you could do here in Kanto? Spring doesn’t only bring cherry blossoms, it also brings tulips. These tulips can be found in Sakura City, Chiba...[ Click to read more ]

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Easter in Kansai

Mar 25, 2024 By Justin Hanus

Are you an expat from a Christian country living in Japan? If so, you may have noticed a lack of general excitement each year around the Easter period. Although the Japanese have taken Christmas to heart in recent years, they’ve been slower to adopt Easter traditions. That said, you can...[ Click to read more ]

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Hanami in Tokyo 2024

Feb 28, 2024 By Michael Stigall

Rejoice for the end of winter is nearly here, and one of the best times to be in Japan is almost upon us. I am speaking, of course, of cherry blossom viewing or hanami. Just picture it! The weather will soon be warmer, the days longer, and it'll be time...[ Click to read more ]

Snow Festivals in 2024

Jan 30, 2024 By Michael Stigall

It been a warm winter so far, but it is finally beginning the drop into the single digits. With that said, the possibility of snow begins to come to mind. You see, because Japan is over 70% mountainous and located in the temperate latitudes of the western Pacific where the...[ Click to read more ]

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Plum Viewing in Tokyo – The Top Umemi Spots in 2024

Jan 29, 2024 By Michael Stigall

While the cherry blossom is the flower that tends to dominate the imagination of Japanese botanic appreciation, it is perhaps the plum (ume) blossom that should be the more celebrated. Sporting reddish pink or white flowers, they are distinguishable from the sakura by their split ended petals and their strong,...[ Click to read more ]

Himakajima – Aichi’s Octopus Island

By Bert Wishart

Have you ever wondered what the planet would look like if it was taken over by octopuses? No? Ah, well that kind of messes up my introduction to this article. But let's imagine you had said yes, because I would now say 'Well, imagine no more, just head over to...[ Click to read more ]

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Hatsumode in Tokyo – Making Your First Shrine Visit of 2024

Dec 27, 2023 By Michael Stigall

New Years in Japan is laser-focused on firsts. You have your first sunrise of the year, which is very important, and other firsts like the Shinnenkai parties to bring in the New Year. Easily the most important of these New Year’s rituals is hatsumode. Hatsumode is the first visit of...[ Click to read more ]