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Let’s Tour: Tokyo’s Koenji

Aug 17, 2021 By Jason Gatewood

Situated on the JR Chuo Line about 15 minutes west of Shinjuku station and just west of Nakano, Koenji is probably not on anyone’s list of happening places to check...[ Click to read more ]

Let’s Tour: Jimbocho Books District in Tokyo

Jul 18, 2021 By Jason Gatewood

If you’ve been hanging around Tokyo (or following our Let’s Tour Tokyo series) long enough, you’ll have no doubt found there’s a pattern with many neighborhoods in the central part...[ Click to read more ]

Let’s Tour: Nagoya’s Underground Labyrinth

May 26, 2021 By Jason Gatewood

Nagoya has a deep and dark secret… Well a deep, but pretty well-lit secret, actually. Did you know that it is home to Japan’s oldest underground pedestrian passageway and shopping...[ Click to read more ]

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Let’s Tour: Odawara

Apr 23, 2021 By Jason Gatewood

Once again, it's time to introduce a little-known section of the Greater Tokyo area that probably isn't too well known about, perfect for a day trip outside the hustle and...[ Click to read more ]

Tokyo’s Five Teams of Summer: Baseball in Kanto

Mar 27, 2021 By Jason Gatewood

Japan is a modern-day mecca of sports, having hosted several tournaments in the past and being the hosts of the upcoming World Rugby Cup this fall and the 2020 Summer...[ Click to read more ]

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Let’s Tour: Togoshi-Ginza in Tokyo

Dec 24, 2020 By Jason Gatewood

Tokyo’s Ginza shopping district is known far and wide for its opulent array of shops and boutiques catering to those with more than a little bitcoins in their pockets. The...[ Click to read more ]

Let’s Tour: Shonan Beach Cities of Kanagawa

Aug 31, 2020 By Jason Gatewood

Located south and west of Yokohama, the Shonan region of Kanagawa Prefecture is known for beaches along Sagami Bay and a "laidback lifestyle" seen in other seaside places like Southern...[ Click to read more ]

Let’s Tour: Western Tokyo’s “backcountry”

Jul 01, 2020 By Jason Gatewood

I’ll be the first to admit that 2020 has not been kind to we who like to explore, trek, and wander outdoors. We’ve all become more adept at video conferencing...[ Click to read more ]

Things to do While Practicing Social-Distancing

Mar 25, 2020 By Jason Gatewood

Thanks to the recent COVID-19 pandemic affecting much of the globe, pretty much every public health office recommends people minimize their exposure to the virus as much as possible; mainly...[ Click to read more ]

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Escape From Tokyo: “Winter is Here” Edition

Jan 28, 2020 By Jason Gatewood

Sometimes you have to get away from all the hustle and bustle that comes with living in the city; double that sentiment if you’re an ex-pat living life in one...[ Click to read more ]