Magome and Tsumago

Winter Food in Nagoya

Dec 27, 2022 By Bert Wishart

Unless you are a ski bunny or a masochist, there should be no doubt that winter is the worst of all months. Cold and wet, skies as ashen as the...[ Click to read more ]

Hatsumode in Tokyo – Making Your First Shrine Visit of 2023

Dec 26, 2022 By Michael Stigall

New Years in Japan is laser-focused on firsts. You have your first sunrise of the year, which is very important, and other firsts like the Shinenkai parties to bring in...[ Click to read more ]

Winter Illumination in Tokyo

Dec 26, 2022 By Michael Stigall

Christmas time in Tokyo can be a bit surreal. On the one hand, there are Christmas markets, gigantic sales, innumerable shopping centers, and more decorations than you would expect, but...[ Click to read more ]

Hatsumode in Hiroshima – Shrines to Visit for New Years and the Tondo Festival

Dec 26, 2022 By Hugh Cann

There are two main traditions marking the beginning of the new year in Hiroshima. Hatsumōde is the first visit of the year to a shrine and takes place throughout Japan....[ Click to read more ]

Hiroshima’s Wonderful Oyster Huts and Bars

Dec 25, 2022 By Bert Wishart

For those of us who are used to the creature comforts of central heating, double-paned windows, and insulated buildings, winter in Japan – where none of these is the standard...[ Click to read more ]

Skiing in Hiroshima: Day and Weekend Trips!

Dec 25, 2022 By Matt Mangham

Hiroshima isn’t the first place that comes to mind when you think of skiing in Japan. We’re a long way from the Nagano Alps and even further from Hokkaido, but...[ Click to read more ]

Skiing in Nagoya: Day and Weekend Trips!

Dec 24, 2022 By Bert Wishart

There’s nothing more exhilarating than standing on the top of a slope, the pure white snow stretching out below you, or that moment when you lean forward and the wind...[ Click to read more ]

Making Mochi – Fun for Kids and Big Kids Alike

Dec 23, 2022 By Bert Wishart

When I first heard about mochi, my heart went out to Japan's children. You see, where I'm from, sweets really are just that: sweet. And so, when I was told...[ Click to read more ]

Hatsumode in Kobe – Shrines to Visit for New Years

Dec 20, 2022 By Justin Hanus

Japan only started celebrating the New Year on January 1st, 1873, when the country adopted the Gregorian calendar of the West. Traditionally, the Japanese New Year was the same as...[ Click to read more ]

Drinking Sake Warms Winters in Hiroshima

Dec 18, 2022 By Jade Brischke

How do you get warm and stay warm when the temperature in Hiroshima drops during the winter? Ah, that’s easy, hot sake! With the weather getting cooler, now is the...[ Click to read more ]