Hiroshima City

Top Museums to Visit in Hiroshima

May 19, 2023 By Justin Hanus

As a place with a significant history, it should be no surprise that Hiroshima has many fascinating museums. In addition to learning about different historical periods, you’ll enjoy artwork, see...[ Click to read more ]

The Top Places to Visit in Onomichi in Hiroshima

Apr 20, 2023 By Justin Hanus

The port town of Onomichi in Hiroshima prefecture may be small, but it's packed with things to do. Although it's ideal for walking around and discovering little gems, it's even...[ Click to read more ]

Water Sports in Hiroshima

Mar 27, 2023 By Justin Hanus

Are you raring to get into the water in Hiroshima and experience some fun activities? The good news is this Japanese city has plenty of waterways and facilities offering everything...[ Click to read more ]

Best Zoos & Aquariums in Hiroshima

Mar 24, 2023 By Justin Hanus

With some nice spring weather just around the corner, what could be a better day out for the family than a nearby zoo or aquarium? Observing animals and other creatures...[ Click to read more ]

What Cultural Activities Can You Try at Hiroshima’s Fukuju Kaikan?

Feb 22, 2023 By Justin Hanus

One of the main tourist sites of Hiroshima prefecture is Fukuyama Castle. Construction of the original building began in 1619, but the castle suffered extensive damage during World War II...[ Click to read more ]

Valentine’s Day in Hiroshima

Jan 30, 2023 By Justin Hanus

Valentine's Day is a big deal worldwide, including in Japan. To understand why you need to understand how the holiday came to be. The Origins of Valentine's Day Although the...[ Click to read more ]

Hot Coffee on a Winter Day: Hiroshima’s Best Cafés

Jan 28, 2023 By Justin Hanus

It's January. Suddenly, western Japan is a great deal colder than you imagined it would be. You want to go out but don't want to deal with the cold. What...[ Click to read more ]

Top Lemon-Based Souvenirs from Hiroshima

Jan 20, 2023 By Justin Hanus

The mild climate and low rainfall of Hiroshima are ideal for growing citrus fruits. In fact, the prefecture is the biggest producer of lemons in Japan, cultivating more than half...[ Click to read more ]

Hatsumode in Hiroshima – Shrines to Visit for New Years and the Tondo Festival

Dec 26, 2022 By Hugh Cann

There are two main traditions marking the beginning of the new year in Hiroshima. Hatsumōde is the first visit of the year to a shrine and takes place throughout Japan....[ Click to read more ]

Hiroshima’s Wonderful Oyster Huts and Bars

Dec 25, 2022 By Bert Wishart

For those of us who are used to the creature comforts of central heating, double-paned windows, and insulated buildings, winter in Japan – where none of these is the standard...[ Click to read more ]