Top Lemon-Based Souvenirs from Hiroshima

ByJustin Hanus
Jan 20, 2023

Top Lemon-Based Souvenirs from Hiroshima

The mild climate and low rainfall of Hiroshima are ideal for growing citrus fruits. In fact, the prefecture is the biggest producer of lemons in Japan, cultivating more than half of all the lemons in the country. Purchasing lemon-based souvenirs is a great way to bring the characteristic flavor of Hiroshima back home with you.

1. Cake

The hub of lemon production in Hiroshima is a town called Setoda. The signature product from the town is Setoda lemon cake, available from shops throughout the prefecture. This is a type of madeleine in the shape of a lemon that uses every part of the fruit. There are chunks of peel in the dough, and the cake is filled with lemon jam (instead of the azuki bean filling you find in most traditional confectionary).

2. Meringue

Another excellent choice for those with a sweet tooth is meringue. It’s similar to the Japanese ramune candies in terms of flavor and texture — but it’s much better because it has a strong aroma of fresh lemons and even features some lemon rind.

3. Hot Sauce

An alternative to Tabasco sauce is Lemosco: a hot sauce made from lemons, seaweed salt called moshio (also from Hiroshima), green peppers, and vinegar. The sourness of the lemons pairs perfectly with the spicy chili. You can add the sauce to all sorts of dishes, including fish, meat, and pasta.

4. Cider

One of the healthiest lemon-based products you’ll find is the JA Hiroshima Fruit Association cider. Each bottle contains the juice of a whole lemon and some moshio but no sugar, meaning it has zero calories. You can also use the cider as a mixer with vodka or shochu to prepare some delicious cocktails. If you forget to pick up some cider while in Hiroshima, you may still be able to try the beverage on your flight back home.

5. Powdered Juice

A drink that will take up less space in your luggage is powdered lemon juice. This is also made of whole lemons, containing plenty of vitamin C. To prepare the beverage, add water — you can drink it hot or over ice.

6. Canned Oysters

The other famous food from Hiroshima is oysters. Many department stores sell canned oysters in olive oil, seasoned with lemon and moshio.

7. Dried Squid

A delicacy in Hiroshima is dried squid, called ika-ten. The battered squid is fried in oil and flavored with lemon. You’ll often find it as a snack in bars (it pairs perfectly with alcoholic beverages), but you can also buy packages to take home as souvenirs from your local supermarket.

8. Face Masks

It’s not just food that uses Hiroshima lemons — there are also lemon-based cosmetics. For instance, face masks made from lemon juice and distilled water are said to do wonders for your skin.
These are just some ideas for lemon-based souvenirs you may like to look out for in Hiroshima. Since many companies in the prefecture add lemon to their products, you’re spoiled for choice.

Amada44, CC BY 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

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