Hiroshima Arts

What Cultural Activities Can You Try at Hiroshima’s Fukuju Kaikan?

Feb 22, 2023 By Justin Hanus

One of the main tourist sites of Hiroshima prefecture is Fukuyama Castle. Construction of the original building began in 1619, but the castle suffered extensive damage during World War II...[ Click to read more ]

Art Museums Around Hiroshima

Jun 28, 2022 By Justin Hanus

The city of Hiroshima has a rich history and culture reflected in its museums and galleries. If you’re looking to spend some time delving into its art archives, you can...[ Click to read more ]

What Is Hiroshima Kagura?

Jun 28, 2022 By Justin Hanus

Kagura is an ancient performing art that has been kept alive in Hiroshima for centuries thanks to the performers’ commitment. Recently, it has seen a surge in popularity. There are...[ Click to read more ]